Are You Literally Eating and Drinking Your Home Based Business Start Up Costs?

Are You Literally Eating and Drinking Your Home Business Start Up Costs-

 Are You Literally Eating and Drinking Your Business Start Up Costs? Do you seriously want to start a home based business BUT the thing holding you back is a small start up to get started and a couple hundred a month for ongoing maintenance and advertising costs? If you will take what I recommend here, […]

Setting Expectations As A New Home Business Entrepreneur


Home Business Entrepreneurship Setting Expectations   When you get started in your home based business, you’re excited, or at least I hope you are!  You have big dreams and big expectations.  You’re thinking about all the possibilities for your life and what your business will do for you. The freedom of time and finances like […]

Government Shutdown. You Have Choices.

government shutdown

Government Shutdown.  You Have Choices. Hey friends, just a few thoughts on the news. Today is Tuesday, October 1, 2013 and for 800,000 employees, they are wondering ‘now what’?  Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and they’ll be back to work in a flash, but what would happen to these families if something didn’t go […]

When To Quit Your Job

I was talking to an individual yesterday who had received advice about quitting what he was doing to pursue network marketing from his upline in XYZ high ticket company.  Eeeek…I highly disagree with the advice!   I think it's so important in fact, that I decided it would be a good topic for discussion today. […]