HootSuite Review: Two Thumbs Up as Twitter Client

The more Twitter followers you acquire and the more involved with your business you get using Twitter, the more you will come to rely on your Twitter client to help you stay organized. Whether you have one or several Twitter accounts,  if you’re feeling out of whack staying up to date or unorganized, I recommend […]

MySpace – How to Create Quality Relationships on MySpace

Sometimes when we start out on social media sites, we try to gather as many friends and connections as possible to have a large network.  While you do want to establish a network of prospective clients, you don’t want to fill up your page with friends that have no interest in what you have to […]

Forums – Why Using Forums Can Help You Find Your Target Audience


So you have your idea and you are ready to get your new home based business off the ground.  Once you have exhausted your circle of family and friends, where do you go to get new clients? You should definitely head online and check out the many forums that are chock full of potential new […]

Twitter – Why You Need to Know the ABC’s of Twitter

When Twitter first burst on the scene, it had many people questioning its value.  Does anyone really want to know when their neighbor heads out to the grocery store?  Who in their right mind would want to allow people so much access into the ins and outs of their daily lives? Well, since the Twitter […]

Social Media Cruise Event With “Who’s Who In Online Marketing”


“Imagine Being Invited To Hang Out With The Greatest Network Marketers Of Our Time For 5 Days As They Share With You Over 43.8 Million Dollars Worth Of Marketing Knowledge” WARNING: This Isn’t Your Average Event… This is much more than a marketing event…. It’s an experience. ONLY 50 SPOTS! OPENING UP FOR REGISTRATION JANUARY […]