Thank you Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler for My IPOD Touch


Thank you for My IPOD Touch I received a package yesterday and inside was an Apple IPOD Touch from Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg as a thank you for helping to make the launch of Renegade Professional successful. I placed 7th.  Here’s the official winners list. I wanted in to publicly thank Mike Klinger and […]

Ann Seig Announces Winners of Contest For Renegade Pro


  Hey Everyone, Well, I tried. :).  I would have loved to have won the new Mercedes but if I couldn’t do that, we’ll, the Apple Ipod Touch is cool.  It was fun. Ann Sieg posted her official winners list here.  Yours truly placed 7th. Here’s her notice: __________________________ Begin ____________________________ Now that Renegade Professional is off […]