SEO Blog Tip – Title Images as Keywords


This SEO blogging tip will reveal a way to improve you search engine rankings for you blog posts to enhance your free traffic. First, do a little keyword research using the Google Keyword tool. Find a few keywords related to business and use those keywords in your blog title, and a few times, along with […]

Google Page Rank – Should You Care?

google page rank

As an internet marketer or a business owner who has a presence online and would like to be more visible in the search engines, consider your Google Page Rank. Google uses an important measurement tool called Google Page Rank to determine their perception of the quality and credibility of an individual’s website/blog.  Google reports this […]

GoDaddy Discount Coupons


We all love to save money wherever we can on our overhead for marketing costs.  If you use GoDaddy to purchase your domains here’s some good news about where you can snag a discount code anytime. 1)  Go to 2)  Search for “godaddy promo codes” 3)  Look for website.  It will have /forum/some […]

Renegade Professional Meet Up in Portland Oregon a Big Success.


The first annual Renegade Professional Meet Up in Portland, Oregon January 16 and 16th, 2010 was fantastic.  The weather was rainy but the friendship and spirit was bright and sunny. Many of the people that I have been networking with through Renegade  Pro were there and it’s always so nice to see each other in […]

Starting Your Own Home Based Business: My Exact Strategies Revealed

Entrepreneurship is beautiful. It’s worth the journey if you can come to the table with a spirit that you will have fun and enjoy the process of building a business.  The rewards for doing so are tremendous. Having a successful home based business takes work, commitment, figuring stuff out, learning and implementing, finding what doesn’t […]