Ambitious Mind

Ambitous Mind

Ambitious Mind Let Mel Robbins, Terrell Owens, Lisa Nichols, Derren Hardy and Joe Rogan give you some things to think about.  Best 5 minutes you’ll spend today. If you know someone who needs to hear this and you found value, please share and comment. Much love! Debbie Turner Lifestyle Entrepreneur Follow me on Facebook HERE Follow […]

5 Steps To Eliminate Fear And Self Doubt

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5 Steps To Eliminate Fear And Self Doubt I love talking about eliminating fear and self-doubt because it’s the number 1 biggest hangup for those who want to step into entrepreneur shoes. When I see someone press through and take action in spite of how they feel, I want to give them a standing ovation. […]

MLM Success: How To Conquer Your Self-Sabotage

how to conquer your self sabotage

MLM Success:  How To Conquer Your Self-Sabotage MLM Success is sweet but to get there, the entrepreneur must stop self-sabotaging his or her efforts.  And it’s a common problem, even more than maybe you’d think. Obviously this topic won’t apply to everyone; however, most people self-sabotage their future.  I truly believe this is an accurate […]

Do You Dreamscape?


  Do You Dreamscape? Dreamscaping… I love this stuff! So… Today is Friday.  (Yeah for Fridays!) People are happy because at 5:00 pm it’s time to go home to enjoy the weekend and relaxation will be officially underway. This is a time where women kick off the high heals and men toss aside the suits and […]