Attraction Marketing Challenge


Attraction Marketing Webinar Replay   Attraction Marketing is a simple concept and if you play by the rules, you have the potential to have a thriving network marketing business with people calling you. I’ve just completed a series on the best network marketing strategies and of course.   If you haven’t read those, you may want […]

Best Network Marketing Strategies: 3 Ways to Position Yourself As An Expert

Best Network Marketing Strategies - Tip #2 for Positioning Yourself as a Leader

Best Network Marketing Strategies 3 Ways to Position Yourself As An Expert As I continue with my Best Network Marketing Strategies Series, I have to say this is one of my favorites.  Why?  Because it's a chance for me to share with the new or struggling network marketer how they can really have fun in their […]

I Got An “Unsubscribe”. Here’s Why.


Unsubscribes Are A-OK!   Let me say two things about unsubscribes. 1)  Never get your nose out of joint when someone unsubscribes.  And they will.  This keeps your list clean and the people who stay are the ones you want to continue a relationship with.  So allow your list to weed itself regularly.   Its […]

Best Network Marketing Strategies: The Psychology of Magnetic Marketing

teach, inspire, motivate

  Best Network Marketing Strategies: The Psychology of Magnetic Marketing   Through the Best Network Marketing Strategies series I'm writing, you already know that the concept of attraction marketing is based on teaching.  It's sharing the "how to" with others that will attract people to you.  In this post, I'll share with you the psychology behind […]

Best Network Marketing Strategies: The “ABC” Business Model


Best Network Marketing Strategies   The "ABC" Business Model   As I continue with my Best Network Marketing Strategies series, this article doesn't discuss the attraction marketing aspect, but rather the financial aspect of your business. the network marketing and MLM business is a fabulous industry and should be looked at as a financial asset like a CD or […]