Yanik Silver’s Free “Creating Your Ultimate BIG Life List” E-Book


One of my internet marketing mentors and adventurepreneurs, Yanik Silver, has an absolute free downloadable book called “Creating Your Ultimate BIG Life List” and I thought you’d really enjoy having. Yanik has created a blog called MaverickMBA.com which is going to be completely different than any other site for online marketers because it’ll focus on […]

Are You Psychologically Unemployable?

psychologically unemployable

Are You Psychologically Unemployable? When I first heard the term, ‘psychologically unemployable‘, it smacked me in the head immediately and I said to myself, “Yes!  That’s me!”.  I finally had a name attached to the inner me! I was relieved to know that how I had been feeling for years had already been diagnosed or […]

Work and No Play Leads to Burn Out

Prevent Burn Out In Your Home Based Business

All Work and No Play Leads to Burn Out in your Home Based Business Work and no play is the fastest way to burnout that I know of.  Been there, done that. Remember that old McDonald’s commercial jingle (I’m dating myself here) that goes like this: “You deserve a break today… So get up and […]

Working Toward Your Lifestyle Dreams


Working Toward Your Lifestyle Goals Everyone has their own idea of what they consider to be their “Dream Lifestyle“. Often people relate the term ‘lifestyle’ to someone dressed in name-brand clothes traveling the globe without a care in the world, sailing on yachts with all the toys, flying on private airplanes, getting limos rides and […]