Putting Your Heart And Passions To Work


I love entrepreneurship and I get happy goose bumps when I hear about stories where someone takes what they love and puts action behind it to create a more secure future for themselves. Oftentimes it’s not that someone is unhappy in their job or career, but rather there’s a passion stirring that calls them to […]

Entrepreneurship and Discovering Your Passion and Purpose


Entrepreneurship and Discovering Your Passion and Purpose When what you do for a living feels like play, you know you’re in your sweet spot. You wake up to the birds rather than an alarm clock. Your feet hit the floor and you are exhilarated about the day. As you grab your morning coffee, you feel […]

Night out with the Kids


Spending time with Ashley is one of my favorite things to do. Last night, I took her and Keaton, her awesome boyfriend, to the mall. They are planning on attending Western Kentucky next fall so we “had” to pick up matching sweatshirts.  It was fun to see them decide which ones, what size, giggle and […]