Association of Better Networkers (ABN)

With all the scams online, it’s becoming more and more apparent that an association needed to be created to protect the consumer and the home business owner. The consumer will come to recognize this symbol on blogs and websites of those business owners practicing a healthy Code of Ethics. It reads like this: The “ABN” […]

Employee or Employer. A Look at What You’re Already Doing.


As I was preparing for a webinar yesterday, it seems my thoughts were so clear about the simple differences between an employee and a “want to be” home business owner in terms of getting done what needs to be done to complete a task.  For the employee, the task is to further the business for the employer.  For […]

10 Steps to Re-Enter the Home Based Business Arena After Failure


There’s rarely a day that goes by that I don’t get a phone call from someone who says, “Debbie, I used to be in XYZ company but that didn’t work out.  I tried but couldn’t do it.” For these individuals, it’s often hard for them to start another business because the first one was such a nightmare.  The calling of people, chasing family […]