Sprout & Pour, Birmingham Juicery With Help Through Kickstart


Sprout & Pour, Birmingham Juicery With Help Through Kickstart   I love entrepreneurship, that’s no secret.  And in the times in which we live, it’s smart to consider alternatives to the 9-5 job market.  Anymore, there’s really no security there. The good news is opportunities abound through entrepreneurship! Creative minds are turning to low cost […]

Putting Your Heart And Passions To Work


I love entrepreneurship and I get happy goose bumps when I hear about stories where someone takes what they love and puts action behind it to create a more secure future for themselves. Oftentimes it’s not that someone is unhappy in their job or career, but rather there’s a passion stirring that calls them to […]

I have Multiple Passions. Now What?

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  I greatly admire Sir Richard Branson.  I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I see him as the ultimate multi-passionate entrepreneur so I find him incredibly inspiring.   I love his philosophy of business as a force for good; that the purpose of business is to make people’s lives better. In a previous post, I shared that many people don’t know what their passion […]

What’s Behind Closed Doors in Your Life?

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Have You Lost Your Passions? Living An Unfulfilled Life? The world is filled with people who are going through the motions of life and acting as though they have it all together.  But inside they are hurting like crazy. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and share with others their pain of not only not being able to […]