Empower Network Topping Alexa Hot News


Empower Network is #1 in Hot Topics on Alexa Crazy.  But true.  Empower Network is topping the charts as number 1 in hot topics on Alexa.  Quite frankly I’m not sure any other affiliate product has ever done that. Empower Network continues to grow, expanding internationally and is even getting ready to release it’s trainings […]

The Top 4 Things Men Want To Buy


The Top 4 Things Men Want To Buy This blog is actually about a lightbulb moment I had that I should have had the good ole’ common sense to figure out several years ago. Does that ever happen to you? The thing that is right in front of you, you miss?  Well, I admit, that was […]

Best Network Marketing Strategies Series

best network marketing strategies

Best Network Marketing Strategies Series There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in the middle of something you absolutely love doing (maybe playing golf, tinkering in your hobby, being on vacation kayaking with your son, playing your guitar or hanging around the kitchen table playing games with the kids) and being with the people […]

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Houseboat Party: What are we up to?

houseboat 111

Just got back from Austin and had a great time with old and new friends, enjoying great foods and experiences from fine dining to party houseboats to quiet masterminding by the pool waterfall.    I was in Austin as a winner for the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint affiliates.  If you were following that, I was […]

Inside an Adventurepreneur Team with Global Resorts Network

global resorts network

  MY GLOBAL RESORTS NETWORK UPDATE 1/1/2014 You can read the original article posted here below my update. Global Resorts Network had many changes in 2013 in membership pricing, affiliate structure and was put under new management. With all the changes it made, it no longer has the exclusive rights to market the travel club online which opened opportunities for new affiliate opportunities.   […]