Strategy For Freeing Up Brain Energy In Your Home Based Business

wasted day

I don't know about you, but there are times when I seem to be busy in my business all day and have nothing to show for it by nightfall.  I hate this when that happens. 

I look back and say, "Geeze, how did that happen?  What a wasted day!"

There's a huge contributor to the unorganized and unproductive days that plague me once in awhile and thank goodness, it's easily remedied. 

I had one the other day and wanted to share my experiences with you to help you in case you find yourself having too many unproductive yet busy days yourself.

See, when we don't have a clear 'to do' list for any given day, we flounder.  We know there are things we need to get done, it's in our heads, but our head is so full that we can't see the trees through the forest so we end up doing some of this and some of that and nothing of what really needs to get done, generally our income producing activities.

We only have so much brain energy we can output in one day.  And when our head is full of all the things we have to do, especially in running a business, we are unable to organize those thoughts in a productive way.  We get brain fog.  And when we have brain fog, we are not creative nor have the energy to do the important work we need to get done.

Make sense?

Here's a fix that will go a long way toward helping you stay focused and on track.

writing it downDo A Brain Dump

When you get on paper all the things you've got to do in a day and a week and month and see it before your eyes, you clear your mind for organizing what needs to get done and make room for new thoughts and ideas. 

Creativity can abound and you'll find you can knock out your 'to do' list at record pace.

There's two dumps you want to do and a couple ways to do it.

Ways to dump….

1)  Good ole' fashioned pen and paper.

2)  Digitally (phones, ipads, computers, etc.)

3)  White boards using markers or sticky notes

Each of us receive information in different ways.  Therefore, find what you respond to the best and go with it.  For me, oddly enough, I use white boards.  If you don't know how you best respond to the things you need to do, try all three and see what works most effectively. 

For me….

I'm zero effective using digital lists.

I'm 50% effective using pen and paper.

I'm 100% effective using white boards.


What to Dumpto do list

We all have many things in a day to do.  Sometimes just running the household, taking care of the spouse and kids and getting the 9-5 job done requires effort and focus. 

Now add on top of that a couple hours a day for building a home based business.  It can be overwhelming!

However, the good news is that with proper planning and keeping your mind clear of brain fog, you'll be positioned for the win! 

If you want to set the stage for your success, you've got to be your best. 

You require brain energy to keep you moving in the right direction and supplying the focus and productively required.

Here's are various 'lists' that you will want to reduce to your most responsive way to knock them out.

1)  Habits, Hurts and Hangups you need to release.

2)  Daily things that need to get done to run the family household including church, extracurricular activities and date night with spouse, doctor's appointments, etc.

3)  Business things that need to get done.

When you even think about these three components it's no wonder we all get brain fog with so much to do and remember!

Make three lists so you can see all the stuff that bounces in and out of your thoughts and puts stress, confusion and overwhelm on your shoulders.  Get that stuff out of your mind.  Do a brain dump.  All of it!  Physically see the things on your mind reduced to a list. 

By doing this, you have now cleared your mind for creative solutions to get it all done in way that's not overwhelming.  You've made room in your brain to take in more information and process quicker. 

You have your lists, now what?

List #1:  Habits, Hurts and Hangups you need to release.

The sooner you can address the first one, the more enjoyable the rest of your journey will be.  So many people harbor bad habits, hurts and hangups (like belief and confidence and self-esteem, value and worth) which effects their very being. 

It effects their good health, energy, outlook and hope of their future, attitude, depression issues, everything.  So make a decision to resolve these at all costs.  This most likely will require new disciplines, new choices and decisions and forgiveness.  There are books, audios, coaches and much more to help you with these.

List #2:  Daily things that need to get done to run the family household.

Get out your calendar and put all the family obligations and family time in.  Make sure nobody is feeling left out or less important than anything or anyone else.  You also want to make sure your exercise and "you" time is scheduled somewhere in there. 

List #3:  Business things that need to get done.

Looking at your calendar, you need to find 2 hours a day to work in your business.  This may require you to get up earlier or stay up later.  Building a business is a commitment and priority and we all make time, no matter what, to get the things in that we place value and importance on. 

Is the inconvenience of less sleep or opting not to watch TV worth the life you dream about?  Keep this in mind….The sooner you can get your business running profitably, the sooner you can be job optional and perhaps quit the 9-5.  That will free up much more time!

So do most people are not willing to do to have what most people will never have.  Time and financial freedom.

Freed Up Brain Energy For Productivity

Now that you have identified your lists….

… and placed the 'to do's' on calendar…

… you now have a plan.

And your plan doesn't leave anyone or anything out.  By releasing the junk from your life through resolving list #1.. which will also require your daily personal development and built into your business building activities, you will start to emerge as the new and improved you.  You'll begin to love your life and yourself even more! 

Your mind is no longer cluttered by all the things you have to do…

…all the things that are bothering you…

…all the things you're afraid you're going to forget…

…all the things that such your brain energy and leave you foggy.

You are now free to be creative and work and get your 'to do's done each day. 

Try it … you'll like it!

Leave your comments as I always love hearing from you, and hearing your thoughts and ideas and opinions.  Have a blessed day!

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