Starting Your Own Home Based Business: My Exact Strategies Revealed

00000008Entrepreneurship is beautiful. It’s worth the journey if you can come to the table with a spirit that you will have fun and enjoy the process of building a business.  The rewards for doing so are tremendous.

Having a successful home based business takes work, commitment, figuring stuff out, learning and implementing, finding what doesn’t work as fast as possible, learning to market and not quitting after 30, 60, or 90 days just because you’re not in the black yet.

I’m not about sugarcoating truths and you won’t hear this ‘pie in the sky’ stuff from me.  That’s not going to help you one bit.   Let’s be professional and grown up about this for goodness sakes.  But, I will tell you it’s about honing your leadership development and learning a new set of skills.  Anytime time you switch careers, there’s new sets of skills that goes with that.

I’ve watched my parents run many brick and mortar businesses over the years and every time it was long hours and hard work.  But the rewards of entrepreneurship always paid off. The hard work is no different when starting an online business.  You don’t have a brick and mortar store that people can drive by on a busy highway.  Your business is a billboard in cyberspace and until you light it up, nobody will see it.  You won’t have customers and business partners.

Unlike a brick and mortar store where customers can walk in and meet you, shake your hand, talk with you, get to know you and decide if they want to shop with you, having an online network marketing business is being able to go from a billboard in the dark cyberspace, to flashing neon lights so people can find you.  The way that happens is by putting your videos and stories, pictures, etc. on your blog, websites and video hosting channels so people can get to know, like and trust you.

There’s no easy shortcut to business success.  However, when working a business online, it’s totally possible to up and running and building your own customer base, meeting people and making sales fairly quickly if you stay focused on your goals and get to work.

This was my journey to success with my primary income stream, Global Resorts Network.  However, the process is the same regardless of what business you choose.

So, here’s a list of what I did.

1)  I learned how to build a website so I would stand out in a crowd.

I didn’t want a cookie cutter corporate site because that wouldn’t attract people to me.    Corporate sites are generic and every affiliate in the company gets the same one.  They don’t brand me and my value as a business partner.  So I learned how to make my own.  It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be.  I thought it was real “geeky” kind of stuff and it turns out… it’s not a big deal at all.   A website page is just a page that I keep on my computer in my documents.  It’s like using a word program only I’m using a website software program.

As a result of spending time learning how to do this, my phone rings with people wanting to join my business with me.  My website features some training, my story, my pictures, information about my GRN opportunity, answers FAQ’s and really, there’s not much guessing on the part of the prospect as to what Global Resorts is, how they will learn to be successful when they partner with me and who I am.

2)  I wrote and put together a follow up email campaign so I can develop a relationship with my prospects.

If someone on my customer list is an entrepreneur or desires to become one, I very much want to connect with them.  But before that happens, I totally understand they must feel I have value to offer them and that I’m trustworthy.  The only way for them to get to know, like and trust me is through my emails, blogging, videos and training.  Until that happens, it’s likely they won’t partner with me in business.  So by creating a series of follow up emails to be automatically emailed at specific time intervals, I can put automation in place to stay in touch with my list.  And, when I email them, I share my best stuff with them.

So I started writing about what I was learning and sharing the information through emails.  As a result of this, my business flourishes.

3)  I attended seminars on how to become a better entrepreneur and staying up on current marketing trends.

Because I did that, I’ve met people I’d have otherwise never met who have joined my business with me.  My best friends have come from the people I’ve met at live events.  I’ve rubbed shoulders with industry leaders who are now my friends with their phone numbers in my speed dial.  That’s a huge benefit. It’s true that it’s who you know that can open doors for magic to happen and to allow you to take your business to the next level. You can do it on your own, but the perks of knowing and gaining the respect of other industry leaders can open great doors.

4)  I made my first 20 videos which totally stunk because I was so uncomfortable in front of the camera.

This didn’t stop me however, from going on to make 300+ more because I found that the more videos I made the better I became in my presentation and posture and as a result,  my phone rang with people wanting to join my business.

5)  I hosted webinars for my list to show the Global Resorts Network business opportunity even though I wanted to throw up because I was so nervous.

I did it in spite of my nerves because that’s what leaders do and I desired to be a leader in business.  I knew that was the way to the big money, to posturing myself in the industry, to role modeling and setting the example for my business partners to follow. I’ve had many people join my business with me because I’ve held webinars.

My webinars have been on everything from showing the Global Resorts product to how to market it to rookie mistakes in business.  More than anything, it shows your customers that you’re serious about your business and helping them to understand what’s going on.  It allows people to come offline and meet you live, ask you questions and get a feel for you.  The webinar service I use is

6)  I split tested headlines and optin videos until I was sick and tired of it and then did it some more with a cheerful heart.

My life revolved around changing out videos, redoing optin videos, changing headlines, using blue, then red, then black, re-wording them.  Changing out my offers, my optin boxes, my ad copy.  Changing the background colors from white to black to blue.  Whew! And I did this for a year….it’s part of the game.  I discovered everyone does (which was comforting).

But that’s how I learned what worked and what didn’t work and became a better marketer which lead to list growth and more business partners.  I discovered that  changing websites and ad copy is a constant in online marketing.  It reminds of brick and mortar stores who change out their window displays frequently.  There are definately similarities.

7)  I got frustrated with technology and confidence issues and threw several fits like a two year old all by myself.

I threw pillows across the room and screamed into space, “You can’t stop me!  I will figure this out!  I will see my dreams become my reality!”,  all while crying, literally, like a child, complete with puffy, swollen eyes and a snot nose. Thank goodness nobody was home.  I had to splash water on my face and go for a walk to clear my head. I then looked in the mirror and said to myself. “Girl, GET A GRIP!  Nobody’s making you do this!   Feel free to quit at any time and go apply for a job at Wal-Mart!”.   Nice visual for a middle aged woman, wouldn’t you say?  Hummm.  :)  Just trying to be real with you here.

Well, that snapped me out of it. I got back in the saddle and over time learned to better deal with out of control frustration and emotions. (that’s where personal development comes in).  Personal development teaches you how to grow up as an entrepreneur and handle these kinds of emotions without the 2 year temper tantrum.  Now I simply walk away and go work out, visit with friends, whatever.

8)  I Started Two Blogs

I started a couple blogs.  One specific for my Global Resorts business and then this one   Blogs are a great resource for people to learn more about you and what you have to offer.  They are interactive which allow people to connect with you.  Blogs are also used as a leadership positioning tool.

8)  I set up social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

I started connecting with people online through these social media sites.  I learned that Facebook and Twitter are the largest hangouts in the world.  So naturally I want to be were the people are!

8)  I ignored and deleted hateful remarks and comments

Every once in awhile, I received a hateful remark through email or left on my youtube channel.  I didn’t know any better so I took it as a personal attack.  After allowing that to ruin my week and and sharing this with my mentors, I learned those people don’t matter to me and all online marketers get hate mail and rude comments.  They taught me how to “delete” these comments and thoughts from my mind and inbox immediately.

9)  I bathed in personal development.

By doing so, I learned how to grow up an as entrepreneur.  I learned how to be a leader and how to stay focused on my end result.  The more personal development I did, the more my business grew.

10)  I showed up to build my business when I didn’t feel like it.

There were many times I was tired and relaxing on the couch was my first option.  But I asked myself why I was tired and it was because I had been doing odds and ends jobs to make money and keep my boat afloat.  I didn’t want to do that.  So I opted for building my business so I could quit the odds and ends junk.

11)  I write a couple dozen articles although they were not very good.

I learned to get better over time but geepers, I didn’t have very much traffic coming from these.  They were bad because I didn’t offer value to the reader.  It was more like ‘chatter’, blah, blah, blah… No substance.

So, basically, my ladder to success looked like this:

Learn something.

Implement what you learn.


Learn from my mistakes, strive for excellence and keep on keeping on.

12)  Practiced doing what leaders do.

Leaders are out there teaching, taking action, branding themselves, hosting webinars, creating products, and are everywhere you look.  So those are things I did to position myself as a leader.  The more I practiced being a leader, reading about leaders, hanging out with leaders, the more my business grew, my income grew, and the opportunities for new levels of leadership grew.

Because I spent a couple of years becoming that which I knew I could be, I’m living a lifestyle that most people want but will never have because they aren’t willing to learn, to stretch, to act in spite of fear, be tired, feeling overwhelmed. They will settle for the TV remote control and a paycheck on Friday.

So, that’s it folks. I continue learning more technology, new marketing strategies, honing my skills and remain in personal development. I budget for education and seminars and events every year. I look forward to it. I embrace it. The more I learn and implement, the more my financial security builds. The more I’m able to provide for my family and give to others.

You alone will decide what you are willing to do and not do based on your comfort level and energy. You will decide how important the way you spend your life will look like. It’s all up to you.

Please leave me your thoughts and comments.  What are you doing to build your business?  Please share and if you like what I wrote, tweet it and bookmark it.  I so appreciate you and your feedback!  Thanks!


  1. says


    It’s clear to me that you are “in it to win it”, as they say! You not only invested in your home businesses financially, but also personally and professionally. That’s why you’re successful!

    I especially appreciate your description of the frustrations of being a home-based worker. It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding when you can focus on the big picture and enjoy the journey!

    Best to you!


  2. Robert Mergupis says


    Thanks once again you have proven to be a valuable asset to this awesome industry.

    You have inspired me again I have truly been blessed to have crossed paths with you.


  3. says

    Debbie, I enjoyed reading your article. I had to laugh when I read your frustration with technology, I’ve been going through that now lately as I am just getting started.

    Thank you for your leadership example and your friendship.


  4. says

    Debbie, You are a truth-teller and an inspiration. I couldn’t stop reading; the more I read, the more I recognized myself. (Sound familiar Rebecca? :-)

    Thanks so much for letting me “listen in” and for being so clear and specific about what it takes to get goin’!

    I know I’ll be back for more.
    Warmest regards,


  5. says


    You are one of the most real people I have seen online. Thanks so much for sharing your journey/experience. As you can see from my site, I’m just starting out and still don’t have an opt in…not sure what to really do at this point…I’ve been there…crying, screaming at myself, no confidence, etc. And, to top it off, my hubby is a friggin’ computer genius. He doesn’t think what I want to do is all that “serious.” So, I don’t get too much help from him (although he is the one who built most of my wordpress site). Now though, he sees it as a wast of time. I say this to you b/c after reading your post, I know I can do this…it does take time!! I AM determined b/c I know I want it bad enough.

    Thanks again for being so realy.

    To Your Success,
    Trish McLendon :-)
    .-= Trish mcLendon´s last blog ..Being Too Serious Can Ruin Your Success =-.

  6. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Trish, Boy, I feel what you’re feeling and going through. But, be encouraged… there’s huge rewards for you waiting. Are we connected on facebook? Make sure you connect with me there and let’s chat :)

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