Starting a Network Marketing Home Based Business: What Are You So Afraid of?


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Starting a Network Marketing Home Based Business:

What Are You So Afraid of?

Starting a network marketing home based business should absolutely be fun and exciting.  But, so many people get wigged out at the thought.

If you’re like most people, you have dreams that have not been realized.

  • You have debt that grows rather than shrinks.
  • You have a 9-5 grind you hate but accept and you spend 40+ years of your life doing that.
  • You have places you’ve always wanted to go, things to discover and explore, tastes to experience and the older you get, the more you live in regret.

Why on earth would you settle for that?

What makes a person agree to that?

These things are happening because of a lack of time and finances.

If lack of time and finances are the problem, what steps have you taken to change that?

What are your options?

Another job?  No, that doesn’t solve the problem of “stuck”.

A second job?  No, that’s doesn’t solve anything either.  In fact, doubles the trouble of time freedom.

Back to college?  No, that triples the problem.  (more debt, more lack of time, no guarantees of income)

Entrepreneurship?  Yes.

I broke these options down in more detail in an article I wrote called Working Toward Your Lifestyle Dream.  It’s a great read, you should check it out.

So, if entrepreneurship is the answer, next comes the question,

“What kind of entrepreneurship?

  • Creating your own product?
  • Opening a brick and mortar store?
  • Buying a franchise?
  • Marketing another product for a company through network marketing?

A Look At Network Marketing

The fastest, simplest way to get started is through starting a  Network Marketing Home Based Business, so let’s talk about this in this article.

If you understand that you have all the tax benefits of a business owner, that in itself should be motivation enough to get started.  But that aside, I understand that many  people become anxious and fearful of starting an endeavor with network marketing.

What’s mind boggling to me however, is that people will endure a life of doing things they hate, jobs that keep them in bondage their entire life, totally unfulfilled and unhappy, even hopeless and depressed, rather than exploring deeper into why they may be fearful of something that has the potential to drastically change their life!

So, what are YOU so afraid of?

I love helping people start their own business and I’m often finding myself in this conversation with people.  I wish there was a magic wand that I could wave to remove the fear because it would remove the fog from the lens of the mind and allow them to realize their potential.

I’ve listed some of the more common fears people have in starting a network marketing home based business and perhaps you can relate to one or more of them.


You Fear Potential Financial Loss

I consider a  financial loss something in the $40K above category.  That’s just a bit under the cost of a nice new non-luxury car.  A big financial loss would be more in the 6 figures.  There’s no network marketing company that I know of that’s going to require any of those kinds of cost.

A high ticket item in direct sales plan for network marketing can be considered $1,000 to $30,000 and yes, those are out there.  But even at that, it’s not the end of the world if things don’t work out.

So let’s back that amount down even more.

Most network marketing opportunities will cost you less than $500 to start.

Some have monthly autoship purchases and some do not.

Some just have one-time purchases.

You’re going to have some low start up, even if it’s $1K – $3K, people who really want to make a change in their life  FIND a way.  The money ALWAYS shows up for those who are ready to make a change.  Money is never the issue.

The first job of an entrepreneur is to be resourceful.

There will be monthly recurring costs for product, tools, training, etc and those can be managed for about $250 – $300 /mo

This is business.  Business takes money and time.

Otherwise, stay with the job and pay those expenses.  Car wear and tear, gas to and from work, daycare expenses, eating out at lunch and snacks, uniforms, etc.

It i rediculous to believe anything under a few thousand dollars is a financial loss.  That’ a poverished mindset.

People spend $500 on QVC stuff they don’t need.  If you think nobody has money to spend, just turn on the shopping networks.  You’ll get a good reminder that people are spending money on ‘stuff’.  Lots of stuff!

In fact, a great experiment to do is this.  Look closely at what you spent last month on junk food, movies, entertainment, gadgets and clothes you didn’t need.  I bet you find $500.  And, if you monitor your spending, you may be surprised to find plenty that could be used to build a business every month.

So, financial loss can be crossed off the list!

I do not accept this as a valid reason to not get started.  This is an excuse for not starting a network marketing home based business.


motivational quote by Henry Ford

You Fear Failing

It’s not possible to fail unless you quit.  Period.  Let me say that again.  It’s not possible to fail unless you quit.

You see, failure is not failure.  It never has been.  Failure is simply feedback of what not to do the next time.

When you were a kid and wanted to ride a bike, didn’t you just hop on and fall off a few times before sailing off into the wind with the rest of the kids?

Or did you sit on the sidelines all your life watching other people ride bikes because then you don’t have to fall?  By falling  off the bike a few times you learned about balance, steering, braking.  You can read about it all you want but until you get on the bike and receive feedback about how to steer, how to stop and how to balance, you’ll never ride.

This is a total mindset issue.  If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t, you can’t.  You will create your own reality based on your belief system.

Unless you want to do the 9-5 grind for the next 40-50 years, are you going to get on the network marketing bike, get the feedback you need quickly so you can live a fun life?

So, “What if I fail?” is crossed off the list.  BAM!

Not moving forward for fear of failure is weak.  It’s a wrong belief system and an easy excuse to an underlying deeper root problem.

I would suggest that the underlying problem could be a fear of  what you think other people will think of you.

crazy ones

You Worry About What Others Will Think of You

Here’s a question I have for you….

Why should you care what others think?

Who are these others that their opinion matters more than the life you live and the dreams, ambitions and goals you have?

Family, friends, fellow students, co-workers?

Where are they in their lives?  Stuck in nowhere land.

Are they living their dream lifestyle?  No

Why would you take advice about living a great lifestyle from those who don’t have it?

Who does that make sense to?

Their thoughts of you don’t matter. 

You should only care about what you’re doing to secure your family’s financial security and fulfilling your goals, dreams, living your passion, making a difference in the lives of others, etc.

This is about YOU.

Not your neighbor, your dad, your best friend, or the tennis coach.   They are not paying your bills.  They are not living your life.  You must live your life.  You get one chance to get it right.  Start living for yourself and not making decisions to do or not do something based on a fear of what they will think.

I wrote an article on keeping relationships strong while you’re growing and developing and making a better life for yourself.  Read it here.

So, “What will other’s think about me?” is crossed off your list.  BAM!   

Get excited about living life and move ahead with your plan.  This is not about what others think.  It only matters what you think.


Make Money Blogging Next Steps

You Don’t Know What To Do After You Join A Network Marketing Company

I’ll just itemize a short list for you.

1)  Find out what materials the company has for you to tap into.

2)  If they don’t offer training on how to do internet marketing, get your training here.

3)  Create a blog.  Get it here.  This is going to be your online real estate where you can share what you’re doing.  People buy people.  So you need to have a web presence where others can go an read about what you’re up to and get to know, like and trust you.

4)  Start learning and blog about what you learned.

5)  Implement what you learn.

6)  Get involved in communities online who support each other.  Both of those links I gave you early offers such communities, weekly live training and live events.  So there’s those two plus your company forums.  That’ plenty!

7)  Decide what marketing strategy you want to learn and master it.

8)  Keep marketing, keep sharing what you learn with others who are looking to start a network marketing home based business.  They will appreciate the help and while you are new yourself, you know more than they do.  Point them in the direction I’ve pointed you.

9)  Never quit.

10)  Find mentors who you can model after.  Not copy.  Be yourself, but see what other successful people are doing and model that.  I’ve had several mentors over the years.

Your Success Expectations

1)  You MUST take FULL responsibility for your success.  It’s up to you to get the education you need to market and implement.  You must be resourceful and take action regardless of anyone around you.

2)  Your sponsor is NOT responsible for your success.  They will be your biggest cheerleader,  they can point you to tools and resources but it’s up to you to make it happen.

If you cannot live by these facts, a home based business is NOT for you.

If you can live by them, that’s a good step forward in the right direction.

Today, one doesn’t even need a sponsor.  Not really.  I know so many people who’s sponsors quit (because remember, 98% do), yet they are thriving and learning and showing up in their businesses and creating the lives they love.

Take Mark who was living on welfare in a trailer just 7 years ago.  He’s now a 7 figure earner (with no sponsor help.  He never even talked to his sponsor).

There’s plenty out there like Mark.

So, not knowing where to start is not an issue.  BAM!  Cross that off your list.  It’s an excuse.

It’s not like it was in the old day where you relied heavily on your sponsor for everything.

That is old school.

Today’s entrepreneurs are getting help and building lasting relationships with their sponsors if they are available.  If they are not available, then it’s in no way, shape or form, keeping them back.

There’s a buffet to pick from in terms of what you want to learn, how to implement and rocking and rolling in your business.

Invest in your education and learn what you need to learn to create that lifestyle for you and your family that you so deserve.


Bill Gates on Network Marketing

bill gates on network marketing

You Think It’s a Scam

Really?  Tell that Bill Gates.  And Donald Trump who owns a network marketing company.  And Warren Buffet, the richest man on earth, who invests in network marketing companies.  And Robert Kiyosaki, and Dr. Stephen Covey and so many others who lead in the fortune 500.

This one gets my feathers ruffled because of the ignorance of an individual who wants to be an entrepreneur.  The math doesn’t jive.  The word “entrepreneur” and the words “network marketing is a scam” is like saying 2 = 2 =7.  It makes no sense.

The job you have is a scam as outlined by Donald Trump below.

Scams is where people take your money and run.  It’s not in building a network marketing business.  I’m not even going to elaborate on this.

Network marketing is a fabulous entrepreneur endeavor.

It’s smart.

It’s efficient.

It’s readily available for you to step into.

You already heard from Bill Gates in the image above.  Here’s some other people you may know who have a few words about network marketing.

Donald Trump on Network Marketing




 Here’s the JOB model Donald Trump calls a pyramid scheme.  

This is what you’re doing.



Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump on Network Marketing



Robert Kiyosaki on Network Marketing

robert kiyosaki on network marketing

robert kiyosaki network marketing starting again


Jim Rohn on Network Marketing



Stephen Covey on Network Marketing

steven covey2


Network marketing is the greatest opportunity on planet earth.


You know Mark Victor Hansen and his Chicken Soup For The Soul books?

Well, he wrote one specifically for network marketers.  You can pick it up on amazon for about $10 bucks.

So, worried about scams can be crossed off your list.  BAM!

Your common sense tells you it’s a great opportunity.

You know you can’t believe everything anyone has ever said to you about network marketing.

Truth be told, the ones who bad mouth it are the ones to joined one and then didn’t do anything.

Because nobody wants to be labeled a quitter and failure, it’s easy to call something a scam.

I see it all the time.

It’s not a scam.

It’s the best thing that will ever knock at your door.

You just need to figure out how to market yourself and your products.

network marketing excuses


You Don’t Have Time

Humm, I super challenge this one.  Here’s why.

People will always, ALWAYS (100%) of the time, FIND the time for things they REALLY want to do.

Think back of all things you really didn’t have time to do but you did them anyway because you really, really wanted to do them.

I see this ALL the time.

It’s about prioritizing.  Things of the heart always reveals the truth.

I’ve seen this over and over and over.

Someone claims to be  ‘too busy’ to do “a thing”, yet these same individuals jump to other things.  Until you determine that building a business to reap the rewards for what it can provide for you family, the “I’m too busy” will always be a quick blow off excuse.

So, “I don’t have the time” can be crossed off your list.  BAM!

Gaining time freedom is one of the reasons you should starting a home based business with network marketing.  If it’s important enough, you’ll find the time.  Plain and simple.

Summary of Why People Fear Getting Started In Network Marketing

There will be some people who read this article and not be very happy with me.  Perfect!  I’m not looking to make people feel good about their fears.

I’m here to help people put excuses where they belong and call an apple an apple.  I’ve never lied to anyone about what it takes to be successful in business and I don’t buy into excuses.

I’ve been through divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, death of family members, loss of marketing streams, having to juggle a lot of things in a 24 hour period so I know about challenges.  I have enough excuses to last me a lifetime!  But I don’t want to make excuses, I want to make money and you can’t make both.

I can’t help people who can’t handle the truth.  I can help those who acknowledge their fears are unfounded and are ready to move forward.

Rise up to the challenge my friends.

Know what you want and go get it!

Live your Life Full Out!

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If you’re ready to set excuses aside and get your training education and blog, click here and let’s get you started.



  1. says

    What an awesome post, it takes courage to find and follow your dreams and what you have here helps me alot. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  2. says

    Great post Debbie! You have done a great job of dispelling the most common fears that prevent people from being successful in home based business. I completely agree with you that Home Businesses are the easiest way to get started, especially when you don’t have a lot of capital to get started with. The best thing about Network Marketing is that they create a level playing field where anyone, from any background can reach any financial goals that they set.

    A great tip that I learned from Marie Forleo is to write your goal on the top of a piece of paper and then make two columns. In the first column write reasons why I can’t reach my goal and in the second column write ways that I can reach my goal.

    In the first column make a big X. Don’t even allow yourself to think of reasons. It is allowing ourselves to focus on those things that has prevented us from having success.

    In the second column write down any thing that you can think of that could help you to reach your goal. The most important thing is to do each of the things that you have listed.

    Thanks for sharing all of your great advice!
    .-= Melissa Wright´s last blog ..How to Start a Blog (Part 3) =-.

  3. says

    Hi Debbie,

    You hit the nail on the head when you said, “Our schools and education system teach us how to grow up and become a slave to business owners.”

    In today’s age of connectivity, why would anyone — anyone — want to settle for slavery?

    One thing you didn’t mention is this. . .most people have not spent time — after their schooling stopped — to continuously improve their skills and knowledge base. This may be the most significant impediment to entrepreneurship out there.

    For anyone wondering about whether they can do this or not — invest in yourself — YOU CAN NEVER SUFFER A FINANCIAL LOSS BY DOING THIS! Then turn it around and invest in others by helping them grow. Your efforts will come back to you many fold; not just monetarily, but with a sense of accomplishment, self worth, and value unlike anything you may have experienced before.

    Thanks for a great post, and for all you do in our community.


  4. Debbie Turner says


    Awesome comments! Thank you so much for your contribution and thoughts! You’re absolutely right!

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Melissa, thanks so much for your feedback and personal comments and thoughts. I like your two column idea, good stuff. I appreciate all the word press blog stuff at your blog too! :)

  6. says

    What a fantastic and detailed post about the most common reasons people turn away from tremendous opportunities in Network Marketing. Honestly, this is the best article I have come across about this topic. You tackle head on the most common excuses and fears people throw out there, excuses that keep them chained inside their average (or below-average) lives. It astounds me how many people choose mediocrity over taking a chance. “Better safe than sorry?” I don’t think so.
    ~Mary Lou

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