Starting a Home Based Business Online? Critical 7 Point Checklist For Successful Home Based Business

Don’t assume that joining the ranks of successful home based businesses are a dime a dozen.  In fact, keep the emotions at bay and make a business decision.  By reading this article, you’ll discover the 7 critical items to check before jumping in and signing on the dotted line.

Had I done just a little more research, I could have avoided my $35,000 mistake. Take an extra day or two and discover exactly what you’re getting into and who you’re getting involved with before making your investment.

If you simply jump without asking questions that you may not know you need to ask, you may not find your name on the list of successful home based businesses at the end of the day. So bring your commitment, desire, work, ethics, time and a little start up capital after you run through this checklist. 

Here’s the critical 7 important questions for you to ask as you contemplate your final decision on which avenue to pursue as far as starting a home based business online.  There are many successful home based businesses on the market to choose from. Don’t be in too big a rush to leap on the first one that you come across.   Had I asked these questions, I would be so much further along today, having saved a year of struggle, setback and a tremendous amount of money. Here we go:

1) Does the company answer their phone, emails and have a physical address where people show up to work?   This may sound like an obvious question but there are businesses that claim to be businesses that are really just set up with a Board of Directors with no phone number, address or employees. 

2) Does the company offer a unique product or service which is in demand? Make sure the demand for your product or service is there. If you’re selling hot pink socks, it does you no good if there’s just a handful of people looking for those. 

3) Does the product sell itself based on the value? Too many times it’s just another look alike product that’s way overpriced because there’s so many people that have to be paid a portion of the profits. Ask yourself this question. If you were to walk into a store and saw the product or service on a shelf, would you buy it without any salesman around? How attractive is it to you?

3) Does the company offer a generous win-win-win program? Meaning, does the company, the Affiliate and the consumer all come away winners when a transaction/sale is made? Successful home based businesses find a way that everyone wins, nobody looses. Nobody gets hurt.   The business model and the product is good for everyone.

4) Does the company offer commissions that are significant for its Affiliates? There’s a certain element of time, energy and effort that you will have to put forth in starting your home based business online. Make sure when someone says yes to your product or service, it means something to your bank account.

5) Does the Affiliate you are sponsoring under answer their phone and return emails in a timely manner? The world is full of home based business owners who have been left abandoned by their sponsor and it’s left a lot of wounded and skeptical would-be entrepreneurs out there. There’s nothing wrong with starting a dialog with an individual you are considering joining. See how helpful they are and how soon they get back to you. You should expect to hear back within 24 hours if it’s during the week and by Monday if you leave a message over the weekend. 

6) Does the Affiliate you’re sponsoring under have tools and resources for you which will allow you the best chance for success?  There are some companies that still teach old school face to face business presentations. However, if your desire is in starting a home based business online, then you will want to know about the marketing tools and resources available to you to allow you to learn and grow in your skills for your online endeavor. There are many wonderful resources but finding them and sifting through the good from the bad can take months and a ton of money. Find out what’s available, why the recommended tools and resources are being used and how they will benefit the growth of your business. Don’t spend money on gadgets.  Training platforms and video submission tools should top the list.

7) Is there free coaching available to you which would include some one-on-one time counseling specific to your needs and growth in business?   It’s going to be important to you to have a mentor and coach to help keep you focused and on track until you are stable enough with wings of your own to fly. Having tools and resources are necessary, but just as important, is the one on one time with your sponsor, coach or mentor to keep you on track. Find out what’s in place for personalized coaching. You will want at least 15 minutes every week to touch base and find out a good strategy for the coming week of marketing you can implement.

These are 7 of the most important questions an entrepreneur should contemplate before starting a home based business online.  It’s important to know that the company you represent is really in business, that the consumer cannot be hurt in any way, that you are earning your worth as a business owner and that you will have the help from your sponsor you deserve.

If this all checks out and you feel a sense of passion and excitement about your product or service, then there’s really no reason to not get started. Starting a home based business online can be very rewarding.   Knowing what you’re getting into will help you fall into the successful home based businesses category and that’s what you ultimately want. 

Debbie Turner is a Renegade Professional, a network marketing coach and business owner and is the author of “How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Rookie Mistakes New Home Based Business Owners Make.” A free copy of this book is available on her website at

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