Sprout & Pour, Birmingham Juicery With Help Through Kickstart


Sprout & Pour, Birmingham Juicery

With Help Through Kickstart


I love entrepreneurship, that’s no secret.  And in the times in which we live, it’s smart to consider alternatives to the 9-5 job market.  Anymore, there’s really no security there.

The good news is opportunities abound through entrepreneurship!

Creative minds are turning to low cost start up entrepreneurship endeavors to create income for their families and at the same time, bring meaningful and valuable products to market.

There are many business opportunities around you if you look for them.

  • You can start a home based business through network marketing and direct sales.
  • You can start a home based business by creating products and offering them offline and online.
  • You can take your hobbies and others things you are already skilled at and offer classes.

It seems like all great companies started from “ah ha” moments at the kitchen table and you can do the same if you want.  it’s really about taking action on your good idea. When you have a passion for something, it makes it fun to share with others.

Maybe all you need is to consider how you can take what you’re passionate about and turn it into a business venture.  I wrote an article about that very thing here.


How Do Business Ideas Come?


Take Sprout & Pour, an Birmingham juicery for example.

This past fall, Turner fell ill. “In September, I miscarried, and we don’t know why. In October, I was fine. November came, and I got sick. It was like the flu, worse. It was taking me down. I went to the doctor and was misdiagnosed with walking pneumonia. I was put on strong antibiotics. I went to an internist because the medicine wasn’t working, and he said, ‘Your body looks great. There’s nothing wrong with you.’But I can’t get out of bed, I thought. I’m sick,” Turner said.

Over the following weeks, Turner recalled being given a number of tests, all the while her flu-like symptoms were worsening, and she was bedridden. When a doctor finally prescribed her with medications for anxiety, Turner said her sister stepped in with a suggestion — juicing.

“Genetically, I think we can be predisposed to anxiety and panic attacks. My sister had been through it, and she said, ‘I think we can do this through nutrition,’” Turner said.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, okay. Whatever. It’s just juice. It’s not going to help me build my system back up.’ … When a doctor’s telling you your body is fine, but you can’t get out of bed, you think the worst.”

Bothered by the prospect of long-term anti-anxiety medication, Turner’s family began — with the guidance of online nutrition resources — to juice at home in between meals by extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables that were missing from their diets. Within two weeks, she said, she was feeling better. By the end of December, she was herself again, returning to her normal life.

Prior to the illness, that normal life, Turner said, was good. She was, by most accounts, a happy and healthy 36-year-old — an avid trail runner, staying at home, raising her 2-year-old daughter. Before becoming a mother, Turner was a volunteer art instructor at Space One Eleven and a teacher for local public school systems for nearly a decade.

After what she calls a miraculous recovery, Turner began reaching out to doctors for answers. “I started talking to people about what we were doing,” Turner said, “and I found out there’s a community of juicers, the raw and whole food community who embraces cellular nutrition. Some were people I ran with. Some were people in my church community group. I have a friend who completely healed from Crohn’s disease from eating raw and whole foods.”

Read the full article here by Katherine Webb, editor for the Weld.   It’s a great write up and an example of how small business ideas can grow into purposeful entrepreneurship.


Basically… Amanda Blake and Andrew Turner had an idea that came a after a series of events.

They experiences a medical problem.

The doctors could not find anything wrong.

They discovered juicing was the solution.

They saw a NEED in the community.

They quickly developed a passion for education and sharing the solution with others.

and BAM!  A business idea is born.






How To Find Funding

If you have a business idea there are ways to fund it.  ONE idea is through the Kickstarter community.  It allows entrepreneurs to explain their business model and seek backers for their project.

I’ve backed several entrepreneurial endeavors.  Some reach their goals, some do not.  The way it works is you can make a donation to a project and if the entrepreneur does not meet the requested funds, your credit card is not billed.  If they do, the payment will be processed.  It’s handled through Amazon.

If you are simply a cheerleader for entrepreneurs and have no desire to be one yourself, it’s a nice way to support others.

To see what a Kickstarter page looks like, take a look at Sprout & Pours Kickstarter page.

I hope you enjoyed this example of how business ideas sprout (pun totally intended!) as well as an example of where you can look for funding.

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have a “business idea” day!

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PS:  Leave me a comment below and let’s talk about this… I love all things entrepreneurship AND I love hearing your thoughts and opinions!  

PPS:  Visit www.PartnerWithDebbie.com to see a few of the things I’m doing to create lifestyle income.


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