Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking Can Improve Your Information Pipeline

socialbookmarkingDoes your home based business include downlines that you need to help with sales techniques, inventory control, or technical product data?  Do you find yourself spending more time gathering information for your downlines than you do on growing your own customer base?  If so, then you need to check out all the ways social bookmarking can help your business associates get the information they need and help you free up more time to concentrate on your own customers.

Sites like,,, or are completely easy to use and you can set up your account for free. These sites work by letting you create online lists of favorite sites, much the way you bookmark sites with the web browser on your home computer.  When you sign up, the site will add a button to your web browser that you click when you come across a site you want to add to your list. The difference is that with a social bookmarking site, your webpage lists can be accessed by anyone you choose and because they are store online, the lists can be accessed from any internet connection.

So, how can you use this new technology in your particular situation?  Maybe your business is selling rubber stamps and scrapbooking products and you are always being asked for help in coming up with demonstration ideas for your downlines’ open houses and workshops.  You could easily set up a set of links on your social bookmarking site to direct your associates to websites displaying step by step instructions for new projects.  You can regularly update your links as you come across interesting ideas.  Then your associates can check out your favorites instead of giving you a call. This can save you a tremendous amount of time and yet still give your downlines the support they need.

You can set up a whole variety of favorite lists on your social bookmarking site.  You could create one list of sites for inventory control ideas, one for ideas to generate new customers, and another for helpful sites dealing with tax issues.  Whatever questions you seem to be answering on a regular basis, you can create a list to cover.   This is also a great way to encourage communication between members of your team.  You can ask your downlines to add their own helpful sites to your lists and really create a valuable business tool.


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