SEOPressor WordPress Plugin. Is it worth it?

seopressorSEOPressor makes SEOing your blog simple without having to be a genius. 

I have the SEOPressor Plugin and use it and yes, it makes a difference to your blogging performance.  And if I can use something as simple as this plugin, everyone can!  It's one of my favorites among the list of  WordPress plugins.

SEOPressor gives you a checklist that helps you see what you need to do for better SEO results. 

The SEOPressor plugin reminds you of things to do such as adding in your H1, H2 and H3 headings, tells you whether your keyword is optimized enough through bolding, underlining and mentioning.  Things like this.  Your goal is to watch your checklist create a 100% optimization, then you're ready to publish. 

The whole process of optimizing your post using the SEOPressor, should take you no more than 2 minutes.  Brilliant!  If you're new to blogging, this removes the guesswork.  If you're a veteran at blogging, this is a good reminder at a glance if you've left anything out.  Even the best of us get busy, or in a hurry and it's easy to miss something that make the different between getting ranked on page 1 or fall back to page 2 or worse.

To set it up you simply install it, enter your Clickbank receipt code for SEOPressor and activate.  

There is easy to follow visual steps given so you can see how to do it.  For example, here's an image showing you where to enter your Clickbank receipt.  While this is just one of the steps, the visuals are very easy to understand… A, B, C.  You really can't get lost.






So You can see the instructions for the SEOPressor WordPress Plugin are easy to understand with simple to follow visuals

In terms of actually using the SEOPressor plugin, here's a video of how it works.  And yes, it's just this fast to be up and running and SEOing your blog posts. 



If you want to learn more about the SEOPressorCLICK HERE

What do you think about the SEOPressor Plugin?  Please leave your comments!


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