SEO Blog Tip – Title Images as Keywords

seobloggingtipsThis SEO blogging tip will reveal a way to improve you search engine rankings for you blog posts to enhance your free traffic.

First, do a little keyword research using the Google Keyword tool. Find a few keywords related to business and use those keywords in your blog title, and a few times, along with a few synonyms for that main keyword in your blog post.

Daegan Smith uses this technique and he reports that on blog posts where he inserts an image to correspond to the blog post keyword,  he tends to get about double the traffic. So find a few images related to your blog post keyword.

Name those images as your main keyword, for instance if my blog post was based on the keyword “internet network marketing” then then I would find 3 images I could use for that keyword and I would name the images:


Search engines rank you based on how many other websites link to your post related to your keywords, so when you create a new blog post, write an article with the same keyword and submit it to the major article directories with a link going back to your main blog post.

Find a few other blogs in the niche and comment on a few post and link back to your blog post.

Create a facebook, twitter, myspace, squidoo account and post some content based on the keyword and link those back to your blog post.

You do that for you blog and you’re ahead of 99% of marketers.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about this SEO Blogging Tip, please leave me a comment and share your best strategy.  I’d appreciate you retweeting too!  Thanks!


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