Saying No to the World’s Best Internet Marketing Tools? To Buy or Not to Buy.

It happens every day in the life of network marketers and home based business owners. They sit down to check their email where they find another offer of the world’s best internet marketing tool promising to explode their business.

By reading this article, you will have a much better direction and understanding of when and what to buy vs. when to keep your checkbook tucked away safe and sound. It can be a very logical and easy decision to make if you’re aware of your emotions and have a game plan for success based on a few simple questions you ask yourself.

First, understand that before you open your email each morning, there will be many sales letters all demanding your attention which have been specifically designed and written to push your hot buttons. Be prepared for this, expect this to happen and know the process that you will take your thoughts through.

If after reading the sales letter about the world’s best internet marketing tools, (yes, I’m being sarcastic – isn’t that what they all say?), you recognize that your hot button has been pushed and you even feel like you want to get your credit card out; STOP.

Before you grab your cash, do these two things:

1) Study the sales letter. Ask yourself what it was that got you excited about the world’s best internet marketing tools. Analyze it and be sure to save it. Make a folder called “pushed my buttons” and you’ll know that’s a file filled with great ad copy that moved you emotionally to want to buy something. You will save it because you’ll be able to swipe and utilize the same wording and concepts in these sales letters when you put your marketing together. I didn’t say violate copyright laws, but you can certainly spring board off of others’ content to create your own.

You will learn a lot about ad copy just by reading sales letters that move you to action. Whether the sales letters pertain to the world’s greatest marketing tools or something entirely different, the emotion was there. Become a student of why you responded the way you did.

2) Then, ask yourself these questions about the world’s best internet marketing tools you were just offered:

a) Does this tool or resource pertain to what I’m working on right now?
b) Does this tool or resource take me off focus of what I need to be doing?
c) Does this tool or resource compliment what I’m doing?
d) Does this tool or resource add value to what I’m learning right now?

For example. Let’s say you’re working on your blog. You’re just learning about blogging, adding content, exploring widgets, discovering RSS feeds, etc. and an email comes across your desk for the world’s best internet marketing tool – actually a resource on pay per click or podcasting, or video making or whatever.

Based on your answers to the above questions, it may be best for you to say ‘no’. If you don’t learn to say no, even though it may very well be the world’s best internet marketing tool, you will always fumble around and flop from thing to thing. You won’t be effective in your marketing efforts.

You must find it within yourself to finish a specific project. Learn to stay focused and resolved on the project and quit looking to the left or right trying to find a magic solution to everything or thinking that the next latest and greatest thing will make learning easier.

Internet marketing is a bunch of skillsets that need to be learned. I know many network marketers who have bought tools and resources that are stacked up and never opened because they just don’t have time to get to it all. That’s crazy.

So let’s look at what you’ve learned here:

1) If a tool or resource comes across your email and it pertains to what you are currently learning and studying, and you feel it would add value to what you’re specifically learning or working on, then perhaps it’s a good decision to say “yes”.

2) If it does not pertain to what you’re currently working on and learning about, most likely you will want to say “no”.

3) If you feel you may want it at some point in the future, put it in a file out of your sight and know what you can come back to that at another time when you get to that specific area of training in your network marketing career.

4) If you don’t say ‘no’ to tools and resources that you are not currently learning and studying about, then you will continue to flip flop and not be productive. This is a cluttered mindset.

5)  You will become a student of studying others’ sales letter to learn how to write good and triggering ad copy.

What happens all too often, is home based business owners and network marketers get distracted with everything that comes into the inbox. Everything looks good. Worlds’ best marketing tools promising the moon is eye candy. It ends up stealing their focus, their energy, and often their bank accounts.

No sense in paying for tools and resources that you’re not using or not ready for.

I would really appreciate YOUR thoughts and comments, Ideas and suggestions that I may be able to write about later on this very topic.  Thank you for your valuable input.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Debbie Turner


  1. Liz Bronson says


    I strongly agree with what you are saying here. These opportunities can take you right off track. It is better to complete and implement one task and then move on to the next. Only purchase what is pertinent to what you are doing right now. The other offers (and many more!) will be there when you think you need them and are ready for them. We can all get caught up in being continuous students of all the marketing stuff out there, but if you don’t take the time to implement, it is just a waste of time and money! As always, you are right on target with your info!


  2. Robert says


    This is all to true in my case as a newbie marketer. It is so easy to get wrap up in the (world’s best internet marketing tools), it happens all the time. With articles like this will help others from repeating this and wasting both time and money.

    Thanks your the best!


  3. says

    Debbie, great article, could not have been more pertinent to what happens to my time. Great idea on creating a file to study others copywriting skills. I will use this thought process next time one of the many offers lands in my “in” box. Thanks for always giving your best.

  4. Yolanda says

    Debbie, it is almost like you know exactly what I am doing as a newbie!!! :) Great idea. Your information was EXACTLY what I needed as I have been ALL over the place. Thanks.

  5. Tony says


    This is extremely right and especially for noobies. I’m sure that even some experienced marketers fall for a good sales pitch sometimes. You are very direct and helpful with these tips and you make a great suggestion on how to handle these situations.



  6. Cathy Pagliuca says

    What a life saver this article was for me. I have been struggling for awhile now with what tools to buy because so many do sound like a person absolutely must have them to succeed, so as a baseline to make a good decision about these tools this is great and it will be very helpful for me. Thanks

  7. says

    Hi Debbie,

    I find all of your content to be quite valuable, it really resonates with me. What is some sound advice on how to deal with email in general? At times, my inbox is filled with hundreds of new emails, ranging from family, friends, promotions, business matters, etc. I can end up spending a very long and unnecessary time trying to sort through it all!

    Thanks again,

    Osman Quddus
    510 461 4248

  8. Toni Mckeown says

    Hey Debbie,

    Great article full of good guide lines to keep us focused on growing our own businesses and moving in the right direction.


  9. says

    So true, Debbie. Even for people who aren’t Internet Marketers, impulse buying on the Internet can be an addiction. Glad I’ve teamed up with you guys and learned what I needed to learn without the $10K course!

    God bless,
    Mary Anne

  10. says

    Debbie, I am raising my hand on this one. When I first started I can remember running to the back table to buy everything that was offered. I still have a hard time holding back because I believe that their are little nuggets in everything I purchase. However, now that I look at my success library I realize how much stuff I haven’t completed. I’m sure if I was focused I would be much further along in my journey today.
    .-= Lisa Saline´s last blog ..How to Become an Ideal Leader =-.

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