Rudy Giuliani Leadership: 5 Tips From Rudy Giuliani to Business Entrepreneurs

rudy guiliani get motivatedI attended a Get Motivated Business Seminar yesterday and one of the speakers on the line up was Rudy Giuliani

Regardless of what you may think of him as New York Mayor Giuliani, he was America's mayor during the September 11th terrorist attacks and supported not only a city but a country in shock and tragedy. 

I admire his leadership, his commitment to the people and doing what is necessary to get stuff done.  He was and continues to be, an inspiration and a "take action" leader who I really enjoyed hearing from.  He shared what he was able to do with New York City in terms of taking it from a high risk place to visit to one of the lowest crime rate cities in the US.  It was his leadership that effected change within that community.

Rudy Giuliani began his address at the Get Motivated seminar by acknowledging we as a world, are in the middle of an information revolution.  People are having to change what they've always known or done in the past because technology is growing at such a rapid pace.  As humans we weren't designed to take in such vast amounts of information all at once and be able to process it intelligently. 

Prior to the communicating technology we have today, it took days or weeks to communicate with others across the world. Now we communicate in a second.  There's no barriers. 

In the same way, not too long ago we took in information just via radio.  Now, we are getting messages and information from radio, TV, newspapers, computers, IPhones and everything is nano second and coming at us faster than the human body is capable of making sense of.

Here's 5 tips that Rudy Giulianio has for Business Entrepreneurs:

Tip 1) We need to be willing to change and approach our businesses with a new attitude toward this;  one of embracing the change.

Computers are here and it's necessary to incorporate them into our lives.  It's just the way it is.  It's the new norm.  Rather than fight it, learn it.  It's how the world is communicating and doing business. Note:  Gen. Colin Powell, another Get Motivated Seminar speaker, said the same thing during his presentation. 

Tip 2)  Be smart about all the negative information coming through.

America is and always will be the great county and leader in the world that is has been in the past.  Giuliani said the reason all we hear on the news is negative information, simply comes down to one word:  marketing.   The competition for your attention and money is great.  Therefore, the news media has to play a song and dance to outdo each other to get you to pay attention to their channel, their paper, their news.. 

Rudy used this example….

If news channel XY said, "We have a hurricane heading this way and a few eastern states will feel a bit of it but really no expected emergency or trouble should be brought on by it and overall it's going to be a mild weekend"…. and then channel YZ said, "We have a hurrican heading this way and every state on the eastern coast is expected to be hit hard.  We have breaking news about how to prepare, where to go, what to do and you don't want to miss this.  It's going to be huge and emergency services are standing by… businesses are preparing to close…." etc…

Which station will you stay tuned to?  Channel YZ of course!   So even if channel XY was telling the truth and the weekend came and went just as they said and it was a mild weekend in deed…. nobody would have paid attention to them because they were watching Channel YZ.  Channel YZ had the drama and negative undertones.

People, by nature, are drawn to the hype and drama of stories… the bad news…. the scary things… the fear of loss. 

My thoughts about this?  I thought about how true this is in the home based business arena also.  People are drawn to three types of hype and drama. 

One:  Just plug in and thousands of dollars will flood your bank account.
Two:  If it's a home based business, it's a scam.
Three:  It's easy, no work required.

The reality is starting and building a home based business is dog hard work.  There's a learning curve.  One has to be mentally ready and committed to the outcome and if that's the case, they will succeed.  Just like putting their mind to anything else…. looking weight, winning the marathon, earning their black belt, getting a degree, being a great parent.  It's all work, mindset and attitude.  And… a ton of practice!

Okay, back to Rudy….

3)  Know who you are, what you want and stand for what you believe. 

People will respect you for your strong unwaivering commitment to your belief, even if some disagree and some will.  Be passionate about you're doing and what you want to accomplish.  When you have a strong vision of where you want to go, then you can head out and begin to accomplish that.  If you don't know where you're going, you'll be unable to execute your plan to get there.  Be clear on what you want, who you are and how you're going to get there.

4)  Respect others. 

Be a good listener.  People know when they are being talked down to.  By listening without judging, people will see and feel that you care.  People want to be respected and valued for their opinions and thoughts.  And if you want to be a leader, it will be important to listen to other leaders.  See what they are saying and doing to achieve the results you want.  Leaders, while they may have different purposes, do have many consistent characteristics… vision and purpose, goals and dreams, positive thinking, problem solving abilities, etc.  They ususally have these same principles and disciplines. 

Read biographies of successful people.  Copy what they are doing in terms of "who they are being"… you'll find they are usually good listeners, they read a lot, they study success, they lead by example, they care about people… these are all good qualities to incorporate into your business.

5)  Take notes of what you observe. 

When studying to become a leader, take notes.  Then emplement what you learn. 

He wrapped up his talking memos by saying "When you have a big decsion to make, take out a sheet of paper and a pen and draw a line down the middle.  Make a list of Pros and Cons about the decision you have to make.  Weight the two.  If you just do this in your mind, not all the pros and cons will surface.  By writing them down, you'll come up with a few more on each side and then you can see the full picture.  Make your decision."

 Rudy said that leadership, more than ever before, is needed and is calling people to step up.  Will you be a leader in your industry?  Set the example?  Embrace change?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

I enjoyed the Get Motivated Seminar and depending on the "attitude" of those in attendance, some would have negative things to say.  I came away with tremendous gold nuggets and a sense of gratitude that I was able to hear these fabulous speakers for $1.95 admission.  Others complain about the parking, or bash the speakers based on their personal opinions of them.  What a shame. 

I'm not a gambler, but I would wager a bet these naysayers and negative people who look to find fault in the Get Motivated Seminar are not successful in business or in life.  It's probably a 100% sure bet.  They're words and thoughts are very telling and revealing.

If you haven't had the opportunity to attend a Get Motivated Seminar, they run all the time around the States.  Visit their website at and find out when they'll be close to you…. and get to one.  Go with an attitude of gratitude and expectation that you will learn something from these great mentors, coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs.  If you do that, you will come away better for attending and find something to implement into you personal development routine or business model to help you along your journey to success.

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    Thanks for all the information Debbie. Your post Rudy Giuliani Leadership: 5 Tips From Rudy Giuliani to Business Entrepreneurs was great! I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Debbie. Take care, Michael

  2. says

    Hi Debbie,

    Given that the Get Motivated seminars are only being held in the states, I so appreciate you sharing the gems you took away. I have an incredible amount of respect for Rudy as a leader and you've done a great job of highlighting some of the principals he follows. All 5 points are rock solid advice for anyone wanting to up their game in leadership and in life.

    I loved the opening address on humans not being designed to take in such vast amounts of information all at once. Whilst I certainly agree with embracing technology, it's vital that we also learn how to shut down aspects of it that don't serve us. I basically never watch the news and yet I'm still aware of any major event soon after it occurs. The news finds you whether you like it or not, so why waste your time following what will most likely only negatively impact your energy.
    Thanks so much for the summary Debbie, I really enjoyed reading it.


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    Sounds like an awesome experience, Debbie.  I am personally a huge fan of Rudy Giuliani and think he was an amazing mayor of NYC.  Truth is, he did much to clean up the city long before the 9/11 tragedy threw him in the international spotlight.
    He stands tall for what he believes in.
    I think that's  a necessary trait for all those successful in business as well.  Your position and brand may be not popular with everyone, but if you believe in it, people will follow.

  4. says

    Rudy is  great speaker and an even better leader. What he did for NYC and the US during that horrible time in our history is inspiring. He gave everyone some great leadership tips that we can all apply to our life in many ways.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Wow Debbie, you've had a chance to really hear some awesome speakers from these seminars.  First Colin Powell and now Rudy Giuliani.   I so admire Mr. Giuliani, especially how he handled the events around 9/11.  I thought that he really stepped up and was a fantastic leader.  Never having visited New York before, I just really heard how he cleaned that city up.  That's impressive.

    He did give some great tips.  Funny thing, my 86 year old mother has a computer and has been using it now for over 10 years.  She was smart enough to know that she needs to keep up with technology so if my Mom can use a computer, anyone can.  :-)

    I know as far as I'm concerned, I don't listen to the news.  It mainly consists of only negative things anyway and I know that if something really important pops up, my family will let me know so I won't be entirely out of the loop.

    Thank you for sharing what you learned Debbie!  Appreciate that!


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    Hey Debbie, 
    This really got me going here – not just because I'm a fan of Giuliani either! I resonate with the "set the example" bit. This is scripture, by my assessment! It's time for us to separate ourselves from the schleppers – really get out there and provide a "hand UP" to those who are looking for that better way for themselves. It's truly up to us to shine in contrast to the hype and chaos out there. 
    :) Love the tips!!
    Best always,
    Cat Alexandra

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    Debbie. I am a Rudy fan for motivation and leadership (politics aside). I am glad he and you touched on some great times. The idea of respecting others is critical. I am hoping it is not lost on the younger generation that feels entitled to so much. #3 hit home for me and hit me hard. Knowing who you are and what you stand for in an unwavering way is so important. It is my hope that more people can get to that place at a younger age. As for the negativity…I don't watch the news or read the paper except to get the weather for the day. I don't feel like living in a doom and gloom world. Don't get me wrong. I don't see the world through rose colored glasses. Instead I just choose to surround myself with positivity as much as possible and have an impact on things I can truly change. Great leadership tips and lots for me to think about this weekend.  Thanks! V-

  8. Debbie Turner says

    I couldn’t have said it better. You bring up some really valid points about the younger generation catching the vision and values, morals and having the strength to stand up for what they believe in a world that is so negative. Thanks for your contribution!

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