Renegade Professional Meet Up in Portland Oregon a Big Success.


The first annual Renegade Professional Meet Up in Portland, Oregon January 16 and 16th, 2010 was fantastic.  The weather was rainy but the friendship and spirit was bright and sunny.

Many of the people that I have been networking with through Renegade  Pro were there and it’s always so nice to see each other in person.  It’s like seeing family.  In the photo here I’m laughing with expert blogger, Ty Tribble and his beautiful wife… simply connecting.

The line up of speakers and presenters, and the content was all based around attraction marketing which is leading your marketing with value, not your pitch for your network marketing or MLM business.

Attraction marketing is all about building relationships, connecting through the social media hangouts, blogging and making connections once people opt into your list.

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite people I was excited to network with.


Mike Klinger, Founder of Renegade Professional


Ann Seig – Author of The Renegade Network Marketer.
You may have heard our interview on my
YouTube incident if you’re with the RBMP program.


Calvin Hun, Dan Razumuff, Debbie Turner and Mark Hoverson.
We had lunch at PJ Chings… YumO!


Mark Hoverson, after his presentation.
Mark and Mike are launching a personal branding product.


Rochele Tribble, Debbie Turner, Ty Tribble


Jerry Chen, goes around interviewing Internet Marketing Gurus.
Awesome value giver and was excited to meet up with him here.

I am so blessed to know these folks and count them as my friends.

See You At The Top!


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  1. says

    Hi Debbie!
    I love all the stuff you posted about the Renegade Professional live event. I learned so much last weekend. I can’t wait for the next RP event.
    Great photos!
    Kari Baxter

  2. says

    That is so cool! That is what is all about. I’m enjoying the connection we are generating through our blogging alliance…I’m looking forward to getting to know you better over the next few months.

    Have fun on your cruise!!

  3. says

    Debbie, looks like you had a great time and you made some really good connections! I believe live events are great and that it brings a different level of networking to us all together. I hope you can attend our live event in March! I would love to meet you in person!
    .-= Michael Feil´s last blog ..It’s OK To Dream But… =-.

  4. says

    Hey Debbie,

    A few years ago when I was building my network marketing business the old fashion way, I would buy every book and course that I could find on the subject of network marketing.

    In one of those courses I bought, I was assigned a coach…none other than Ann Sieg. I remember her telling me to do more of what I was already doing, and I remember being frustrated because I could not get results any faster.

    Not long after that, I said I would never do network marketing again…because I hated it.

    You can imagine my surprise when I came across Ann on the internet not long ago and saw how she had blown up in such a short period of time.

    I am so glad that she became super successful, because it is seeing her and Johnathan Budd’s success on the internet that motivated me to get back into network marketing.

    I am also glad to see that the first annual Renegade Professional Meetup was only 2 months ago. That tells me I am not too late!


    The Cartoon Coach
    FREE Marketing Training
    .-= Carstarphen´s last blog ..How To Choose Your Perfect Niche Market =-.

  5. Debbie Turner says

    You’re not too late my friend. Ann is a personal friend of mine, as she is with many, and often times when a student has learned how to set up their foundational marketing pieces, the only thing left to do is to tell them to take massive action and keep doing what they now know how to do.

    I’m so grateful for you stopping by and sharing your thoughts and feelings. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. The Cartoon Coach…. I’ll have to visit your blog to see, but do you teach others how to draw cartoons? Have a beautiful weekend… and there’s another Renegade Professional Meet Up coming up in a few months. I won’t be at that one, but I’ll announce it.

    Take care, Debbie

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