Recruit More People Into Your Business By Being Yourself


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Recruit More People Into Your Business By Being Yourself

I would add to that, love yourself, accept yourself but always keep growing yourself.

I’ve often wondered why I’ve been able to do so well, sponsoring hundreds into my various businesses, but only a handful actually go on to duplicate.

There’s a few reasons such as:

1)  Stinking Mindset.

2)  No commitment behind their words, “I want to make a lot of money.”

3)  No heart felt passions and goals behind the motive for making money.

4)  Not taking responsibility and getting the education on how to be successful.

5)  No personal development to set their pace to achieve and work on their belief system.

6)  Not being fully themselves.


Being Different and Being Yourself

Is What Makes Up Your Brand

The one I want to me mention today has to do with who you are and who you are being.

I always find it sad as I look around and see who’s saying what and who’s doing what and who’s being who only to find how often people are trying to be someone else.  A guru leader.

Here’s what happens.

New network marketers come online and they start watching the gurus.

They start trying to dress like them.

They start trying to sound like them.

They use the same opening statement.

Do What Successful People Do.

Don’t Be Who They Are.

While it’s important to observe and do what successful people do, it’s important to remain true to yourself.  Don’t be them.  Be YOU.

I can instantly tell when someone is following a specific industry leader because they start to wear their hair like one.  They even try to pronounce words like a guru.  They’ll use the same opening greeting.

Don’t Be Them.  Use your own voice, your own style and your own personality, however quirky that may be.

Don’t try to do your hair just like _______.

Don’t try to stand just like _________.

Don’t try to talk just like _________.

Don’t try to laugh just like _________.

Don’t try to polished just like ________.


It’s the Actions and Mindset that successful people do that you want to emulate.

What Do Successful People Do?

  • Getting their message out there with their unique quirks that makes them …. them.
  • Staying in the right mindset.
  • Setting goals and expecting success.
  • Doing Personal Development through reading, listening to audios, attending events and seminars, getting coaching, practicing.
  • Getting into action mode with their marketing.
  • Staying consistent and “being in the game of business” over long periods of time
  • Being themselves and comfortable in their own skin.

Think about it.

How many times have you heard the same message but it seems different coming from different people?

Each individual makes it special just by the essence of who they are.  And people will love to hear from you in the same way.

Take whatever message, training, inspiration you want to share and put YOUR personality, YOUR story, YOUR perspective into it.  This is the essence of personal branding.

It’s your personality, the fun in YOU, the way YOU are, that makes you reachable, real and attractive.  I’m not talking in terms of physical appearance.  I’m talking in terms of who you are at your inner core.

  • Stop trying to be someone or something you’re not.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be who you are.

And doesn’t that feel good to just be you?  You’re the best at it.  Nobody else can be you.  You can ‘t be anyone else.

You want the success traits and characteristics of who they are, yes.  Because those are the same across the board for all successful people.

Here’s the thing.  We are all humans with drama in our lives.  We have life happen stuff.  We all make mistakes.  And people want to do business with imperfect, “just like them” people who inspire them to do and be more.

Next…. Love Yourself.

Be Yourself.

I admit, I’ve struggled with this a few times on my journey to success.  The first time when I started my first home business, spent upwards of $35K and 8 months only to see a return of ZERO.   I was getting down myself and not appreciating the failures and understanding they would lead to my success.

I began to not like my sabotaging thoughts, my irritability, my feelings of inadequacy.

I had to start over and learn to accept and love myself for where I was.

The second time was more recently, a couple of years ago when I started to notice more and more wrinkles and weight sneaking up on me.  I didn’t want to be on camera.

Again, I had to decide to accept and love myself and continue to be the best ME I could be.

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Lucille Ball once said, “Love Yourself First, and Everything Else Falls Into Line“.  That’s so true.

It’s my brand, it’s me, it’s my story, my mistakes and my success.

What’s your story?

Share your story within your marketing and let people see who you are, even with your quirks.

I’ve learned that you have to accept yourself for who you are and where you’re at right now on your journey to success.

Have a goal of who you want to become in terms of the best you you can possibly be.

Love yourself because you can’t love others until you do.

You are good enough right now and there’s millions of people online who are just like you but can’t find you.

Go put yourself out there and they will be so blessed to come across you.

They will resonate with you.

They will follow you.

They will join you in your business.

Continue To Grow Yourself

Never stay where you are.  Always be a study of how you can be a better version of your authentic self, a better leader, how to inspire better, hone in on learning new skills, etc.

Enjoy the journey, share your knowledge as you go and never stop learning or pressing yourself to improve.

This is really the front side of YOU having the confidence and stepping out to share your business.

You will recruit more people into your business the more you practice being you and showing up as your authentic self.

I believe in you!

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  1. Gan says

    Nice reading. I did not stop to think that was going on in the field. I alway like being me. Not to say I do not like some people style,skill and the way they could speak giving a presentation. 

  2. Leslie Bell says

    Very true Debbie!! :D Being different is good! It doesn't even look right when trying to mimic someone else.  Even though i took on this southern accent in some words because that is how a friend talks.  I started teasing her, now i am talking the same way… It is very true what you are saying.  But I find that if i am spiritually disconnected… for me, everything else is off balance.  And that is only speaking of myself.  Unique is good  :D :D :D

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