The following are tools, resources and systems that will be a help to you in your home based business.  These are all resources I utilize and appreciate their value.  These are all great for building ANY network marketing business.  The materials, training and systems are generic in nature, designed to help you in your endeavor.


Jing – screen capture for images and short videos
Canva – Create images for your marketing, social media, presentations, Facebook covers, posters, etc.
Lunapic – Create your logo image in Canva and then upload it here to make it a transparency.
Headline Generator – For helping you generate many different headlines
Survey Money for taking surveys.
FreedigitalPhotos Free Images to use WITH giving credit.
Pixabay Free Images without having to give credit




Attraction Marketing / Educational / Contact Management System

 MyLeadSystemPro is made of up of network marketers around the world who are each growing their own network marketing businesses using this system.  Here you can ‘earn while you learn’ all the ins and outs of internet marketing, with a focus on attraction marketing and branding YOU, not your primary product.  This is where the big money payoff is for you.

The system offers everything you need to be successful in your network marketing business.  If you’re a brick and mortar business, this system will train you on how to get customers via the internet for that as well.  It’s a ‘must have’ in your toolbox.  The features are too vast to list here.

All training is generic in nature so your teams are safe to bring into MLSP and learn how to build their respective business.  In fact, part of the system includes a feature whereby you can add your own training and thus, can used as your own training site.

It’s complete with  a full contact management program as well. For brick and mortar businesses, keep track of your customers and clients for great follow up as learn how to market your business online.  Learn More Here: MYLeadSystemPro



ClickFunnels.  Create any page you want for whatever purpose.  Builds complete funnels in a nano moment, memberships, automated webinars, you name it.  Watch the demo above.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Do you have Lead Pages and are wondering how it compares to ClickFunnels?  Watch the video below.




If you have a business of any kind, you need an autoresponder.  It’s an online service for keeping safe the names and emails of those who opt into your lists as you build your business.  I use Aweber exclusively however I’ve used Get Response in the past and it’s fine.  I don’t need 2 autoresponders and it’s really a preference.  You may find yourself in a program where they recommend one or the other.

aweber image
Aweber Autoresponder:
To learn more or to purchase your Aweber autoresponder, click here.

Get Response Autoresponder:
To learn more or to purchase your Get Response autoresponder, click here.


Twist Your List:  Millionaire mom dominates an industry with a list of just 4,500 subscribers.  Diane is one of my friends and she’s the real deal.  I have this course and it’s great.  Highly recommend it.  CLICK HERE to learn more.






Insta Lead Magic – Instagram Course to Build Your Business:  If you have a smart phone, you’re about to discover a recession & slap-proof website’ GUARANTEED to flood your inbox full of hungry, interested prospects every single day.  CLICK HERE to learn more.



THE COMPLETE FB ADVERTISING SURVIVAL SYSTEM:  A 3.5 hour Facebook ad mastery system guaranteed to change how you market on Facebook. CLICK HERE to learn more.




Typeform: This is a great survey creator with features like logic jump.  It helps take your surveyors through a process that leads to a customized report for them.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Studio Press WordPress themes and plugins: I only use WordPress and I only use Studio Press for my themes.  They are easy to work with and offer many styles.  CLICK HERE to learn more



Disclaimer:  Should you chose to buy any of these products, I may earn a commission for which I thank you.  I only offer products and services that I use.