Recession Proofing your Family Starts with a Home Based Business Idea



Recession proofing your family is not in relying on the job.  Hopefully you have seen enough in your life to know that that’s the truth.

So the question you may want to ask yourself is what to do about it so that your family comes up smelling like roses no matter what the economy dishes out.

The only security that’s really “secure” is the one we each create ourselves by being our own boss, where we call our own shots, we create our own pay, and position ourselves to with education to invest and preserve what we have.

Whether you’re entrepreneurial or not, having a home based business is the solution to the insecure job market.

I challenge you to get out of your box, out of your comfort zone and put pen to paper with ideas for creating income that you are solely responsible for.

For one, it’s empowering!  There is nothing quite like feeling the force of being in control of your life.  You’ll sleep better, feel better, be happier and more confident in life.

Secondly, it’s fun and exciting!  When you don’t have a boss dictating your life, your time becomes yours.  The freedom of choosing how with whom you’ll spend your day with is amazing.  And exploring ideas and open space in your mind now that the world is your oyster, will bring out the creative you!

Thirdly, it’s how to begin to secure your future, maybe even your present, depending on your circumstances.

Fourthly, by having your own home based business, you can enjoy tax benefits with specific write-offs.

I’ve written a couple blogs to help you with ideas which I think you’ll find helpful.

Putting Your Heart and Passions to Work

I Have Multiple Passions, Now What?

The All Important Decision

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What Does This Mean For You?

Well, if you truly want to not have to rely on the economy and the boss to support you, you have to embrace change.

You have to make a decision that you won’t stand for what the economy and your boss dishes out.  You deserve more.  You want more.

Once the decision is made, the fun part starts.

Now you get to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

  • You will have to get the education on how to be successful in a home based business.
  • You’ll need a blog like the one I’m on here…
  • You’ll need to start a personal growth and development regime…
  • You’ll need to start thinking differently when it comes to challenges and solving problems.
  • You’ll need to get the “how to” when it comes to marketing your products and services.
  • You’ll need to a community to support and wrap around you.

What I recommend is Empower Network and I’m not bashful about it.  It’s truly everything you need to get started and grow to your hearts content.

Get what you need.

Stay committed.

Work hard and smart.

Then… you can work less and smart and live the life you love and be secure.

With what you learn inside Empower Network, you can literally write your own paycheck because you will know how to market, how to brand yourself and how to position whatever product or service you ever promote and offer.

Whether you want to create your own products and offer them…

Or join a network marketing company…

… Empower Network comes along side and gives you what you need.  The training and community is generic in nature and applies to any business.  It’s the college degree you need for a pennies on the dollar.  I highly recommend it.  I own and use all the products and continue to refer to them for help and guidance.

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have an awesome recession proofed day!

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PPS:  If you want to know some of the things I’m doing to ensure my family is recession proof, click here.  Let me know what questions you have so you can make a decision and being about creating the life you want.




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