Quick Tips To Change What You Don’t Want To Get What You Do Want


Hi from Disney World in Orlando!

I hope your week has been a great one my friends.

I’m here for the week at Disney World and Epcot for the Garden and Flower Festival with the family and having a great time.

I want to talk a bit about change because it’s change I embraced back in 2007 that brought me to where I’m at today.

You see, when the market crashed back then, although I had been a very successful real estate agent, I had to find a new line of work.

That change was to learn something new and apply it, of which I chose to be an online entrepreneur.

Before that, I was legal secretary at the top of my pay scale where there was not enough for getting ahead after the bills were paid at the end of the paycheck.  I had to CHANGE.

That change was to learn something new and I had chosen to apply it to a real estate career.

I understand change.

Nobody likes it but it has to be embraced in order to accomplish different results.

I don’t make the rules, it’s just the way it is.

You know my friends….

…change is the “only thing” that will get you from where you’re at to where you want to be.

There’s nothing else, even though we wish we could close our eyes real tight and hope our fairy godmother will bestow the change we want and deliver it to us on our front door.

There’s all kinds of areas we can talk about regarding change.  I want to share about lifestyle.

As you know, I’m a big advocate for lifestyle.  The freedom to have options in your life as to where to live, the car you drive, the vacations you take, the healthy foods you eat, the charities you give you, the retirement account balance you have, etc.

Here’s what happens most often.

Someone wants to change their lifestyle.

This ‘someone’ understands that a second job, a third job, having another garage sale or implementing yet another cut to the food budget doesn’t get them to the life they want.

Having a home based business does, yet they’re afraid to take the steps to move toward that end.

Perhaps they’ve started a home business before and it didn’t go so well.  My guess is if they were truly honest about it, they didn’t do much to promote, share and tell others. It was more of a secret thing for whatever reason, fear of rejection most likely… if we can just get honest here.

You’ve got to realize….

You get ONE go around in this life.

You have to get to a place where you don’t care what other’s think about your choice to start a home business.

It’s your life, not there’s.

  • They don’t pay your bills.
  • They don’t send your kids to college.
  • They don’t pay for car repairs.
  • They don’t fund your vacations.

And this is one of the hardest things that I have seen people struggle with.

Change, especially when family and friends are not supportive is not easy but it’s worth it!

At the butterfly exhibit today at Epcot, they showed the life of a butterfly in real time.  Look at all the changes they have to go through… from crawling to flying!


Below:  Letting their wings dry





I would encourage you today to take a look at what’s been holding you back in getting started with a home based business.

Has it been a fear of rejection?  Let me help you get a handle on that.  Reach out to me and let’s talk about it.

You see my friend, nothing changes until you change something.

You can’t continue to do what you’ve always done and expect to get different results.


We all know that.

So what’s got to change for you to have the lifestyle you want?

My guess is you need to make a decision that starting a home based business and learning some skills to be successful is what needs to change.

The wrong message:

I think there’s a message out there that says if you have a home based business, you get magically rich and then it doesn’t happen, people lose faith.

Guess what?

You still have to work.  Work is great!  Work is healthy!

The difference is it’s a different kind of work and doesn’t require the 40 hours a week.

But it’s still work.

Do I work?  Will I continue to work in  a home based business?

Yes, I do IF I want to maintain my lifestyle bad enough!

And I do, so I do.

And I’m grateful!

And it gets to where it doesn’t feel like work.

And so it will be with you.

Work a job for someone’s else’s dream all your life or work for your dreams.  There’s no other option and time is passing by quickly.

Which will you choose?

There’s nothing out there in the job market that I found which will give you the lifestyle you truly want.  The solution is starting a home based business.

Therefore, the change, must be to start something you’ve not done before or move beyond past failures, hold your head high and start over again.  Nothing wrong with that.  In act, be proud.

With the decision to change comes other changes…

1) Change in thinking.

There’s a lot of negative, failure, scam talk out there about home based businesses.  Yes, there’s a few bad apples.  But you know where 95% of this chatter comes from?  It comes from ‘would be’ entrepreneurs who didn’t do what it took to be successful.

Rather than having to take personal responsibility for their failures, they blame it on the home business industry.

This has to stop.

If you want to be successful in a home based business, you’ve got to stop pointing fingers at others and put the focus on you.

You change your thinking by diving into personal development.  Books, audios, videos, and hanging around other successful entrepreneurs is how to effect this change.

Your business will only grow as fast as you grow into your new thinking, habits, and actions.

2)  Change your habits.

You’ve got to turn the TV off and build your business.  Habits are hard to break especially when you’ve worked all day and the only thing your body wants to do is grab the remote and channel surf.

But that’s not change.  You have to change.

It’s a deliberate action to not turn the TV on, but rather take the next step in building your business.  Things like marketing your business and following up with those who have inquired.

If you don’t know how to market, you have to learn a few skills.  Just like you learned new skills once upon a time to do the job you currently do.  No different.  Here’s a platform that’s a literal library going back years on how to market and includes a ton of other stuff you will find helpful in building your business, no matter what business it is.

Put some joy behind your learning.  Be grateful you have the opportunity to learn and apply to achieve a new result.

3)  Change your words.

Your words will give you exactly what you say.  If you say “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “It’s hard”, whatever…

Guess what?  Your words will always be true for you.

Change how you talk about yourself and your abilities.

Say things like,

“I’m on my way to being able to generate leads for my business.”

“I’m worthy and deserving of success in my home based business”

“I can learn new things and apply”

 “I’m grateful for the team and people I’m surrounded by”

So these are fast tips to help you start pondering about the change that’s required for you to start getting different results to create the life you want.

You can have it.

If you can see it and believe it, it’s yours.

Now all you have to do is start the change process.

You can do it.

I did it.

My changes were drastic.

From a home day care in my 20’s…

… to a legal assistant in my late 20’s and early 30’s…

… to a real estate agent in mid 30’s to late 40’s…

… to offering affiliate products using the internet in late 40’s to now in my 50’s…

I had to learn new skills for each.

I had to learn to think positively about each endeavor.

I had to hang out with successful people in each career.

I’m nobody special.

I’m just like you.

This is why I know if I can undergo change to have the life I love, you can do the same.

Go after it!

internet marketing home based business


 It’s good to be queen at Disney World and beyond!

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