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product launches


Let's talk about product launches. 

Every industry has product launches. 

Some love them.

Some hate them.

Some don't know what to think other than perhaps it's just the guru's trying to take your money.

I for one, appreciate them.

If you aren't familiar with product launches, here it is.

An individual(s) or company releases new training on "how to do something" to the benefit of the industry. 

For myself and most of my readers, we are in the home based business industry and the product launches I look forward to are specific to my niche. 

Regardless of what you think of them, they serve a purpose and without them, it leaves people having to get one on one coaching services for knowledge and skills.

In the home business industry you can market your business any way you want (subject only to your company's advertising policies)

There's a lot options for marketing and it's for this reason that people do nothing.  They suffer from the 'deer in headlights" syndrome. 

But does that mean we don't need further insight on "what's working now and how to do it?" 


Truth of the matter is this.

product launches

Marketing strategies change like the wind. 

As soon as you figure out what works and get in a flow, things can change and usually do.  So the first rule of deciding to become an internet marketer is this. 

Be flexible and go with the flow.  Be willing to constantly be learning and changing up your marketing based on where the wind blows. 

I don't make the rules.  The advancement of technology and where people hang out at and changing rules and regs do.  So you have to be a big girl and a big boy to play in the game of online entrepreneurship.

For example…

  • The Google slap where marketers were not allowed to use PPC.  (There goes the Google paid marketing)
  • Social media sites control whether or not you can stay or they shut you down such as YouTube.  (There goes your video marketing)
  •  Facebook rules and regulations for posting ads change
  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) algorithm's can change (Penguin Update)
  • Technology changes FAST… we're not looking at mobile marketing
  • Where people hang out (your customers) changes.  Facebook… now Google+


Product Launches Helps You To Be Flexible As The Market Changes

Most every product launch that I know of, helps marketers stay up to date with what's working now and the training to take advantage of it. 

As a marketer, don't you want to know the trends?  You should.

Don't you want to know what's working now?  You should.

So if you should know what's going on… the question is how are you going to get the information? 

Unless you are in the trenches and staying up on current events and trends, you don't know what you don't know.


This is where product launches can be such a great benefit for you.

Here's what typically happens during a product launch.  Take a look at the picture here below.  This was the actual calendar used when Mark Hoverson and Magnetic Sponsoring RE- LAUNCHED the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint product October of 2011. 

product launches

Notice the game plan for when they first announce the product invitation it to the public, what free training will be released when, what emails to send out on what day, when the cart opens for initial sales and when the doors close and price increases. 

All product launches work this way.

A product is launched during a specific window of time, say 1-2 weeks, sometimes 3 weeks.

During this time, there are a couple of things that are happening.

  1. Free content is provided to the consumer giving them the "why this product is important to know about".
  2. Some of "How To" is disclosed and given away as free value to show good faith.
  3. Consumers have an opportunity to "buy now and save". 
  4. Bonuses are included which may be a live event to attend at no charge (Often more valuable than the course itself) and/or a community group is formed on Facebook or Ning for support.

After the product launch is over, one of 2 things happen.

1)  The product is removed from the public and you can't buy it after the fact.

2)  The product goes to it's normal value and you can't buy it for what you could have gotten it for during the launch and sometimes it's 50-90% higher.


Evaluate Whether to Participate in the Product Launch

Anytime I send an email to my list about a product launch, I generally get several emails asking me if I think they should buy it. 

Truthfully, I can't decide that for each person.  I can only make recommendations.

Here's my recommendations.

1) If you're interested in learning about what the product is teaching, get it.

2)  If you're not able to afford the product, at least get the free value training they offer during the launch.

3)  If you're not quite ready for the material but you are definitely interested in getting to it in the next couple of months, get it.

I have benefited from many product launches over the course of my 5 year online journey.

From marketing techniques to personal growth to clarification on marketing strategies to applications and I've been able to attend live events from free tickets given away which are included in the product launch buy in. 

As an entrepreneur you must always be learning.  I didn't say always be buying stuff so it can sit on your shelf.  I probably spend $20K a year on education and hours in study and implementation time.


Product Launch Bashing?  Really?

If you've been online for any length of time, you've seen and heard people of influence bashing the 'guru's who create products'. 

Why is that?

Well, here's a couple of first hand knowledge explanations (I know a bunch of these guys/gals so I have an "in")

1)  They are using an offline strategy where their entire business model is based on 3 way calls.  They are literally on the phone 12 hours a day.  Their message is "keep it simple… just be on the phone with people and you don't need any product launch this or that… Just your phone."

Well… I for one, don't want to be on the phone all day.  I practice "make money AND have a life."

2)  They are stating that "all guru's want is your money so they can be rich by you buying their stuff."  This cracks me up because that is the essence of entrepreneurship!

You have to exchange a product or service for money or you're a scam.  LOL! 

I applaud people who spend the time to gain the knowledge, have success and teach what they know to others.  And because they know they can sell x number of units of products, they can keep the cost WAY down for you and I to take advantage of it.  

If you want to know how to do something, try hiring a one on one coach and see how much that costs. 

Product launches are fabulous for receiving the knowledge of what where the trends are going and how to take advantage of it.

3)  People who are still struggling complain that product launches never solve their problems because they don't deliver the entire package to connect all the dots.  To this, all I can say is these are rookies who don't understand product launches. 

Product launches are never designed to give you the full picture and know how of internet marketing.   The specific product only encompasses one specific type of marketing. 
So these are totally unfounded. 


QVC is a Product Launch Platform. 

product launchAnd because they can sell to the masses, they can offer you best pricing on their show.  We love that! 

And… if you act now, you can get it for this BEST PRICE. 

But hurry, because supplies are LIMITED.

Ladies who are into fashion can't wait to tune in for the latest and greatest shoes and accessories.

Men who love electronics can't wait to tune in for the latest and greatest gadgets.

Those who love to cook can't wait to tune in for the latest and greatest cookware.

Maybe our guru's should take their product launches to QVC!


Product Launches By Name Brands You Can Trust

I almost always buy every product in my home business industry created by name brands.  But not always, it depends on what the product is and whether it's conducive to my marketing game plan.  Names like:

Jonathan Budd

Magnetic Sponsoring

Mark Hoverson

Jeff Mills

Daegan Smith

In these cases (my list wasn't very long…) because I trust the brand and the name, even if I don't buy the product, I can offer it with full integrity. 


Because I've bought enough from them to know a few things.

1)  Content and value will be OVER the top.

2)  Full money back guarantee

3)  I've never put out poor quality.

4)  Feedback from my customers have always been 100% great.

Trust goes a long way.  I also know that when I buy my furniture through Ethan Allen rather than Joe Schmo furniture store, I'm getting a quality that will last a lifetime.

Same with cars, same with any brand who has already earned your trust through a history and expectation of quality.




At the time of this writing, another great launch will be kicking off in a few days and I'm excited to share it with you. 

Created by Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson, it's called Futuristic Marketing

Go ahead and get a sneak peek feel HERE.




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