Product Launches: Are You Grateful Or Do They Ticked You Off?


product_launchI couldn't hardly wait to sit down and write this post.  Partly because of my own momentarily bad mindset and partly because it's good to understand the value of product launches.

So, here's what prompted this post.

There's been a slew of product launches in the last 60 days… 

And these products are not piddly little information pieces, but rather, they are absolute gold for the up and coming entrepreneur.  These products have been developed by proven leaders in the industry and what they are teaching has been tested and works.  I'm sure you've heard of these industry greats …


  • Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd – Adwords PPC Course – Closed
  • Mark Hoverson – Leadership Branding – Closed
  • Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson – The MLM Launch Formula – Closed

And these greats are developing these products to truly help the network marketing (MLM) industry's entrepreneurs.  Of course it's a business venture for them… but, if you knew them like I knew them, you'd also see they have a servant heart.  They want to make a difference.

Well, here's where my poor thinking got in the way.. just for about… 12 hours. I'm over it now and gave myself a "straighten up" talk.

When I heard that Ty Tribble's MLM Blog Secrets was launching, I put my foot down (to myself) about sending this information to my list because I had just emailed them all week about Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson's MLM Launch Formula.

Before that, I promoted Katie Freiling's Unified Tribe. And so on so forth. 

I thought to myself, "Geeze!  All these launches at one time, my list will come to think I'm all about "the sale"… buy this, buy that, look at this, look at that… " … right? So I didn't send anything out to my list about Tribble's blog course.  But it got under my skin and I was feeling very selfish.  I was worrying about the few on my list who think I may be over pushing… rather than thinking "I bet there's lots of people on my list who are starving for this information and don't know where to go to get it". 

I need to be a fountain of resources and information for my customers, business partners, subscribers… for goodness sakes.


As a leader, I owe it to my subscribers to keep them in the loop, to let them know about information and resources that can truly help them succeed.  Who was I to keep this valuable information to myself?  And, during a launch, that's always the best price!

I remembered back when I first started my online business.  There were no information products like there are today, readily available.  I had to book a flight, pay big event ticket fees, lodging, food and misc travel expenses to get training.  I had to attend events like Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference going back to 2007. 

And I'm complaining that there's "too many product launches?"  I needed to get over myself quickly. 

I'm very grateful this information is available and so should anyone who wants to develop an online business.

Couple things to be aware of in considering a launch product:

1) That's the best price you'll get;

2) Some authors will keep the product line open, others will close it for extended periods of time and when it reopens, it's 4 times the cost. It's truly a "snooze you loose" if you don't take advantage of the purchase price at the time of launch.

3) It may turn out to truly be a one time launch.  You snooze, you loose.

I will NEVER apologize for sending product launch information to my subscriber list.  The individuals on my list are entrepreneurs or want-to-be-entrepreneurs and they deserve this information. And, I'll never promote a product that I don't fully trust myself.

I had to do a video about my mindset and product launch position… I guess I needed to get it off my chest.

Here it is…. :)

This text will be replaced

So how do YOU feel about product launches and seeing the emails come through your inbox?

This is a controversial subject, no doubt… I'd love to hear what YOU THINK.  Please leave a comment, retweet and share.  Thanks


  1. says

    I’m just beginning to look into network marketing more & I appreciate the info on products. It is hard to know what is beneficial & what isn’t. It is sometimes hard to know who is just out there for the buck & who is genuinely trying to help others.
    I’m struggling with that right now in a business I recently became involved in. I completely and truly believe in the products 100%. I have seen how they have changed my life & the lives of others & I want to share that with everyone and help others better their lives too. However, no matter how much I say it is not about the money, some people just don’t understand. I would honestly like to make enough money selling these products in order to be able to quit my current job and have more time for my family and spend more time helping others live healthier lives. However, I am not in it to make millions. I am in it to help others. If I make money, then that’s great, but I’m not trying to just push a product. I’m not a sales type person & never have been, so this may be even harder for me than those who do have backgrounds in sales, but I truly believe in the products & know they can help many people.

    It is hard to know the good from the bad and the money-hungry people/products from those who are just trying to help, especially when new things come out almost daily!

  2. says

    You are right when you say there is always something out there to endorse to your list. As a leader in the industry it is your responsibility to communicate what you know, use and trust.

    You can always let them know that you really don’t expect them to purchase everything but that you take this very seriously and want to add as much value to them as possible. You are a resource for them and if you continue to have a good reputation and endorsing great products, you should not have issues.

    I think you are doing the right thing. Keep up the good work.
    .-= Jose H. Caraballo´s last blog ..Should I Accept My Loan Modification…Part 6 (FINAL) =-.

  3. Debbie Turner says

    You have to determine what you need, stay focused and then implement what you actually learn. I recommend a training platform and then stay with that. Don’t jump around. Only buy specific info products teaching you what you are currently focused on and committed to learning about. I’m a huge fan of education and it’s very necessary in this business. However, too many products, too many directions…. not good. I recommend you look into Renegade Pro or MLSP and just take one thing at a time to learn. In Renegade Pro you will learn a lot about attraction marketing which is a big key in establishing yourself online.

  4. says

    Hey Debbie,

    I agree with a lot of what you have to say, but I also strongly believe that most of these courses are a waste of people’s time if they haven’t learned the fundamentals of internet marketing. It seems like the people who got to the game 2-5 years ago have created a little cottage industry for themselves, selling their training and systems to new and struggling marketers. While most of these products have clear value, they are secondary to learning the basic skills every marketer needs to build their business online.
    .-= Nathan Z´s last blog ..Online Business Tips: How to Go from 0 to 2000 Followers on Twitter in Less Than 10 Days =-.

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Nathan, great to hear from you… yes, when considering what to purchase, it’s needs to be something you’re studying or ready to learn.

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