Pro Coach Says… “Handle on the Left!”

handle on the left


I was talking with a professional baseball coach this morning and our conversation came around to dealing with negative people.

There are just some people… too many of them, actually, who think they have to run interference into the lives of others when it wasn’t asked for.

In my home based business industry, I see it all the time.  Family members shun one another and step on their dreams, telling them they can’t do it, it’s a scam, they aren’t good enough, they’re crazy to think they can be an entrepreneur, and so on.

It’s a super killer of dreams.

coachCoach said it’s the same in his profession.

People will scream out calling players names, calling them stupid, or the umpire stupid, or the coach stupid.

He shared the chatter from the sidelines and from the stands do hit the ears of the players and it can effect the game if you let it.

The pressure to perform is already tremendous, and then you have the chatter being screamed at you during the entire game.


Handle on the Left

Coach instituted a term with those under his watch and his teams always used it.  The term is ‘handle on the left‘.

Anytime players were yelled at from the sidelines, coach would yell to the player…

“Hey… handle on the left!”

That was code for ….

“Flush that crap down the toilet!  Don’t listen to that!  You can do it!”

It was a way to shake it off and let it go.  The sidelines were ignorant and were acting like clowns.  What their opinion or words were didn’t matter one bit to the team.

Coach said it worked.


You have to have a plan

You have to have a plan for negative feedback and ignorant people who understand nothing about having dreams and pursuing them.

Coach had a plan and he had to use the plan every game!

Home based business entrepreneur have to have a plan also.  Come up with your own or adopt ‘handle on the left’ if need be.  Coach would be happy to have you use that.

Stay focused on your end game.  You gotta play the game to get there, but you can do it.

I believe in you!  Coach believes in you!


Lock Arms And Join Us

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