Pounding the Phone or Having an e-Lifestyle

If you are looking for way to make money using the internet, do you really want to hear about pounding the phone and prospecting all day? 

If you're anything like me, no.

Let me say upfront, there's two ways to approach your business. 

Prospecting and phone pounding OR automation and answering final questions.

I've done both and I know what fits me best based on the lifestyle I want.  Let's talk about the two camps.


CAMP 1:  Make a List, Pound the Phone, Host Meetings

___ Make a list of 100 friends and family. 

___ When they say 'no' you ask for referrals and go through that list.  

___ Be on the phone day and night to serve those on all time zones.

___ Have everyone come to a meeting/party on Tuesday night.

___ When you've run out people to to talk to, well, go back over the list and call them again or get out of your comfort zone and get busy doing these things.

  • Call realtors
  • Go through the Yellow Pages
  • Buy leads and call them
  • Use the 3 foot rule (talk to everyone within 3 feet of you)

This method says: the secret to this business is pounding the phone, lots of prospecting and talking to people and if you don't do it THIS WAY, you will never make it.

I've used this model the first 8 months of my business. 

I bought every lead imaginable, probably spent upwards of $20K on leads and spent hours and hours and days and weeks and months on the phone.  Had zero sales. 

  • I went to Dani Johnson seminars, bought all her stuff.
  • I bought every product Jeffrey Combs had.
  • I bought every product Todd Falcone had.
  • I coached with my upline.  They listened to me make calls. 

And you know what?

I hated it.

I loathed it.

I got to a point where I resented my business and my life.  I didn't want to 'just buy more leads and make more calls."  I didn't want to "just get more coaching and keep calling."  If I wanted to do that, I'd go get a job in a telemarketer or phone room. 

I wanted a business.

I wanted a life.

Here I had been a successful top producing realtor for years and 8 months later, looked in the mirror and saw a "beat up" home business owner suffering from low self esteem and hated getting up in the morning to spend more money on leads and pound the phone.



After 8 months I said ENOUGH.  The group of people I was working with believed adamantly that that was the ONLY way to build a business. 

I knew if I wanted a change, I had to change WHO  I learned from.

I set out to discover a new plan that worked for me and set intentions on how I wanted my business to run. 

Because I tell you what.  I hated it when people cold called me.  I hated being interrupted during dinner time with someone asking me to look at their biz op.  It's the biggest turn off to me.


I knew there had to be a way to achieve the same result but go about it a different way.  I had watched my parents run brick and mortar businesses all my life.  What I learned from them was there's always MANY ways to build a business and they set the example. 

Thus, I began a search for making more automated sales and what's called attraction marketing using ONLY the internet.

I knew what I did NOT want.

I knew clearly what I DID want.

I wanted to love my life.
I wanted to love what I did for a living.
I wanted to be excited about my business.
I wanted to treat people the way I wanted to be treated.



CAMP 2:  Do the Work One Time, Use Automation, Have a Life

This all came to a head in the fall of 2007 where flew to Minnesota to attend a Jeff Mills at his Midwest Super Conference and Mark Hoverson, now co-owner of Global Resorts Network.

The curtain was pulled back on what internet marketing is and all the various ways to do that.  At first I was overwhelmed and then I was grateful beyond words that I found a a new path.

  • I learned about outsourcing my business.
  • I learned about making a video one time and letting that video work for you around the clock.
  • I was exposed to and read the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.
  • I was welcomed into a group of internet marketers who had automated their business.
  • I had conversations with millionaire marketers who never makes phone calls.
  • They don't buy leads, they generate them themselves and allow people the choice to opt in to their list.
  • They use attraction marketing to get their phone to ring.


I came back and started implementing what I learned.

I had a new lease on life and my business and on life.  I can't lie.



how does magnetic sponsoring workTHING 1

The first thing I did when I got back was to pick up a copy of Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring Course which still today is one of the best $39 gigs ever written on attraction marketing. 


The second thing I did was position myself for high ticket commissions with a high value product every family wants.  That was and still is today, Global Resorts Network

In fact, as I write this blog, I'm living my life on vacation, living the e-lifestyle from my 2 bed/2 bath condo at a ski resort here at Wyndham Bentley Brook

Last night, while I'm living my life vacation….

living what I'm saying to you right here..

.I had to shake my head when someone "picked up the phone to call me and ask me about whether or not making money without pounding the phone all day is a viable choice" 

We talked about the information and confusion he was experiencing because he had heard you had to call people based on what Camp 1 was saying.


The third thing I did was start creating content and setting up my autoresponders to establish my automation.


So those that say pounding the phone, buying leads, prospecting on Facebook, is the ONLY way to skin a cat, are just looking for the twist to entice you to join them.  Their method works, absolutely it does.  But so does the 4 Hour Work Week method of setting up automation and outsourcing.



It's a shame that of the two camps, the phone pounders and the automaters can't just let people know, "hey, they both work.  Pick what you want to do and do it.  Master it.

I'm living proof that you do not have to be a phone pounder to make sales and live an e-lifestyle.

NOTE:  I see marketers who say they have an e-lifestyle followed by

"how many calls did you make today?" 
"How many 3-ways did you make today?"
"How many meetings or parties do you have scheduled?

That is not why I joined a home based business.  I wanted time freedom.  If I wanted to be on the phone and busy at work all day, I could have kept the job.

And that's cool if that's what THEY want.  To each his own.  Life would be boring with no options with there was only one way to do things.



People are watching you to see what YOU do with them when you prospect them.  Think about your own experiences. 

When someone contacts you about a business opportunity, whether you are aware or not, you're paying attention to what they do, how long they are on the phone, the pressure under which they are putting you, the corner you feel backed into, the words that they say, the follow up they are doing.

And your subconscious mind is asking you… "Do I want to do this?"

Probably not!  But maybe… only YOU can decide which marketing route to go.

They are demonstrating how YOU how they will train and tell you how to run YOUR business. 

And they have just called you.  And here's their model.

If you say yes and join me, YOU'RE GOING TO DO WHAT I'M DOING which is call people and use this script that I'm using with you.  Want to join me?


What is your gut reaction?  Does that sound like fun to you?  Is that person really enjoying what they do?  If given the opportunity to make the same money without having to do that, would they?

Well… probably not but maybe so.  Again, both models work.  I believe it depends on their personality, their interests in that kind of prospecting and how aggressive they are.

Using an attraction marketing system will benefit both groups of people.  Everyone needs leads for their business.  And if you lead with value, the "how to" build a business, people will be drawn to you.  So how do you do that?

Attraction Marketing and MyLeadSystemPro

MyLeadSystemPro is an full attraction marketing system that allows the network marketer to lead with value, thus generate leads and sales for your business. 

For example, a network marketer could write a blog about offering live weekly trainings for all home based business owners to attend and learn a marketing strategy.  It's free to attend, just register.  And then you send them here.

OR, you could place a banner ad offering the same thing.  One like this:


Attraction Marketing System


This is what is referred to as "leading with value".  The more valuable you become to the industry, the more your business grows, the more attractive you become as a leader and someone "in the know" and ultimately, the more leads, sales and business partners you have.

Test drive MyLeadSystemPro and see what you think.



What do you want YOUR business to look like?

YOU decide.  There's no right or wrong way.  And I'm not saying you'll never call leads.  What I am saying is there's a choice you can make to put your marketing out there in a way that answers peoples questions about what you do, what you offer, all about your product and program and sharing your story with an invite others to join you all on autopilot.

If you want the prospecting, phone, 3-ways, parties, meetings, meet ups… then that's available.  Pick your business, surround yourself with mentors and those who are successful doing that and get busy.

If you want the automation and more of a live hands off type of business, then that's available. 

Pick your business, surround yourself with mentors and those who are successful doing that get busy.

Either way….

You have to get busy.

You have a have a product you believe in.

Okay… I put in my 2 hours of work this morning.  Now I'm off to enjoy my e-lifestyle.

I'm heading out to hike Mt. Greylock… have a great day!


  1. Char says

    God led me to you because you are doing what I need to do.  I want to sign in MLSP under you if you have a link.  I have prayed about this for months and feel led to begin with MLSP but am deluged with high pressure people wanting my warm body(even though I'm a total beginner). Don't need you to hold my hand just be available if I get stuck.  Does this sound okay to you? I, too, like Mike Dillard and if he has an affiliate product arrangement, would like to join.  Talk soon 

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Char… good to hear from you. You can find my links at http://www.partnerwithdebbie.com Do you already own any of Mike’s products? If not, you can grab his magnetic sponsoring at http://magnetic.debbieturner.com. If you already own one of his products, you can find his affiliate information at mymagneticoffice.com. Sounds good, if you have a snag, reach out. Welcome to online marketing :) It’s a ride… but it’s worthwhile! Debbie

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