Planning Your Home Business Mindset:Visualize Your Success

visualizationWhen it comes to success in planning your home business and ultimately getting started, your mindset is probably one of the most vitally important aspects of the planning process. Without the right mindset, you will easily fall prey to distractions, stress and poor decisions that will ultimately be self-destructive.

Therefore, it is vital that you develop your mind first and foremost and constantly be aware of your thoughts so they stay focused on developing your business and ideas rather than undermining your efforts.

For those of you who are new to entrepreneurship, this is called personal development.  It’s inner growth, building from the mindset (inside) out.

This is done through reading books by other successful entrepreneurs, books on mindset, attitude, positive thinking, etc.  Or perhaps listening to CDs on the same topics.  You may seek out seminars for personal development and growth not only while you’re planning your home business for startup, but I recommend even on an ongoing basis.

I have done all those things and in fact, a big chunk of my yearly budget is put toward personal development and self growth.

In effect, you need to program your mind to give your thought processes the support it needs to be creative and effective even under extreme duress.   Planning your home business will include many priority lists.  Keep personal development and mind evolution at the top.

If there are any doubts in your mind, even at the deepest level, that you will fail, you will.   You will self sabotage.  The mind believes what you think.  Your mind is crazy powerful and delivers your reality.  You will always, 100% of the time, prove you are right.  You’ve heard the quote, ‘If you think you can, you’re right.  If you think you can’t, you’re right”.  It’s true.

Here is a simple, yet powerful way to begin that shift in your mind for total success while you are preparing and planning your home business:

Practice Visualization

Your mind is a powerful force and can deliver to you, that which you seek if you will use it.  There are books on the topic of visualization which can give you instructions on how to do this but it’s pretty simple.

Your sub-conscience mind cannot determine if, when you visualize something, whether it’s real or not, so it believes it to be true.  Athletes use this all the time.  Here’s basically in a nutshell how it works.

Let’s say you were running a race on Saturday.  Each day leading up to the race, you could ease into an easy chair, rest comfortably and close your eyes.  You visualize yourself on the starting line.  You’re aware of the other runners, the audience, the referees, the sounds and smells and you can feel the adrenaline in your body accelerate as you become like a wild bull waiting for the gates to open.  You’re focused on the lane in front of you while taking your position and “BANG!”, the gun goes off.  You’re off and running.  You run the entire race in your mind.  You handle any obstacles in your way.  You feel yourself getting tired yet you press through and run harder.  You run your laps and finish the race in first place.

Science has proven that your sub-conscience believes you ran that race.  What happens then more often than not is that the athlete wins the race, just as he/she visualized.  Cool, huh?

Real application:

Everyday for about 10 minutes, find a quite comfortable place you can relax without distraction.  Close your eyes and visualize your future.  Where will you be? Who are you with? What are you doing? What does success feel like?  How do you feel?

You can break it down into small bits:  If you want a dream home, see it.  In your mind, drive up to it, notice the yard and landscaping, walk up to the door, notice the doorbell and porch, open the door to your home.  Walk in.  Look, smell, feel.  Walk through your home, see what’s cooking in the kitchen, see all the things you desire in your home and experience the feelings of family and friends who are there with you.

I think you get the idea.  Your mind cannot determine that it’s really visualization going on.  It believes you are really there in your home.

As you are planning for your business, do visualization on how your business will run.  See it, feel it, come across struggles and visualize yourself working through those obstacles and becoming a strong entrepreneur.  See you being an overcomer.  Visualize your business model, your phone ringing, people doing business with you, relationships establishing, money coming in, bills being paid off, vacations being scheduled, financial and time freedom being your way of life.

As you practice visualization, the universe will draw your closer to that reality.

I do this whenever I encounter negative energy or self doubt.  It snaps me out of it.  So use this as coping skills and training skills to program your brain and thoughts that it will not be allowed to ponder about any negative energy.   This is a great tool to have and utilize as you are planning your home business and more importantly, to have once you get started because difficult times will come.


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