Pisquah National Forest – Camping & Hiking

113June of 2010, Ashley wanted to camp as a family for her graduation “get together”.

So we all headed up to Pisquah National Forest for the week and played. It rains a lot there so we knew to set up camp with that in mind.

It rained 4 of the 7 days we were there… that’s about right.  We knew to put up tarps over the camping area and have our raincoats and umbrellas handy.

But nonetheless, we ALWAYS have a great time.  It’s a perfect time to “sing and dance in the rain”.

Pictured from Left: Steve, Scott, Ashley, Debbie and Andrew

Here’s a short slideshow of our fun

We took several hikes and determined our favorite was the John Rock. It’s a beautiful trail and on the way down, there are a couple of waterfalls that too beautiful to simply pass by quickly.  These are opportunities to drink in the beauty, the sounds, feel the mist and put your feet (or whole body if you like 55 degrees) and cool down.

It’s always nice spending quality time with the family. While we enjoy resorts and the hustle and bustle of exploring new cities, there’s something majestic and quiet and powerful about spending a few days deep in the forest. It’s renewing and refreshing..

We played cards, rode bikes, tubed down Davidson River, cooked over an open fire and got caught up on each others’ lives.

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