Personal Development: Why Attend Internet Marketing Events?


Seated left to right… Jeff Mills, Dan Spranzy, Mark Hoverson, Debbie Turner, Mary Ann Nagy


I have a great appreciation for attending internet marketing conferences and primary business events.  I attend because the people I meet bring tremendous value and opportunity to my business and my life.

I'm an internet marketer. It makes sense then, that I would want to associate myself with other internet marketers. Just as lawyers network with lawyers, teachers network with teachers, all professions have their own trade shows, events, conventions, seminars, continuing education programs, etc. Mine is internet marketing. 

The picture on the right is a radio interview that I took advantage of while at the event.  The Peter McCellan Show is a popular radio show in Minneapolis, MN.

It's very much a part of my personal development. In entrepreneurship, personal development, mindset and attitude are everything in business. It will make or break you. If you want to be successful in business, you must have mentors and coaches who have paved the way and can lead you down the path of least resistance.

Part of my personal development includes attending conferences where I can associate myself with successful earners, who think outside the box, don't use the words "can't", "try", "hope", but rather are movers and shakers and speak the language.

"If  there's a will, there's a way".

As Jeff Mills said in a conversation I had with him at the lunch table above,

"Getting to events is super important for internet marketing business growth. Social media is great but when you can get to live events to physically shake hands and share meals together, that's where the magic happens.  The atmosphere, the content of conversations, the creativity and energy coming from the rooms where we gather is unlike that of any other type of meetings or events I've ever attended."

I watch, listen, observe, participate, contribute and absorb the information and lessons, strategies and stories that I'm exposed to.

What's common among all the ultra successful individuals in attendance, is that all started from virtually nothing. They struggled to figure online marketing out. They failed tremendously, some to the tune of thousands, others to the tune of multi-millions.  But, they never gave up their dreams of entrepreneurship and as a result, after they fell, they simply got back up, dusted themselves off and went full speed ahead back into business.

Have you ever noticed how quickly a highrise goes up? It seems like just a few months and like magic, a huge tower complex is built. What most people don't stop to realize is that before the 4 short months it took to complete the massive highrise, there were 2 years of planning behind the scenes.

And, how about this.  Do you read testimonies and ads online that sound something like this:

"Joe Blow made $269,432 in 36 hours!"

    Well, what they forgot to tell you, is Joe Blow spent 2 years building a huge list of thousands of people who have come to know, like and trust him and when he sent an email to his mega list offering a product or service, a percentage bought.

    Every speaker at Jeff Mill's Midwest Super Conference all started with nothing, failed forward and finally became a success.

    What drives an entrepreneur to success? What is it that makes the failure in business so high?

    Personal Development.

    Personal development teaches the individual how to grow up as an entrepreneur. It teaches one how to handle adversity and obstacles in their business along the way. Networking is best around the meal tables, at the bar after hours, on the golf course, etc.  When you don't attend events, you don't have the opportunities to connect in more meaningful ways.

    I walked away from this event with major players in internet marketing to add to my roledex.  I'm grateful for the connections I made, the gold nuggets I gained and the new mentors and coaches I retained to further my entrepreneurial development. In particular, here's who I aligned myself with:

    Perry Belcher, social media king

    Lori Ruff, Linked In trainer

    Mike ONeil, Linked In trainer

    Susan Preston, Twitter trainer

    David Preston, SEO specialist

    Ron Davies, Twitter trainer

    Bob Dale, Google Adwords Consultant

    Glenn Deitzel, helps people write and publish their book and design a high ticket program

    Jeff Hockings, helps create celebrity status with TV show recordings

    Dr. Harlan Kilstein, NLP Copywriting expert

    I would encourage you to get to any events relevant to your industry so you can stay on top of your game and be the best you …. you can be.


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      What people need to realize is that networking and building their skills is an investment in their business. And investment is nothing more than putting time and money into something now, in order to get a greater return later.

      Here’s the problem, which you touched on in your article. If people are thinking “I’ll try this…” or “I hope this will work…” then they are far less likely to make those investments. And not investing in your business means your business will not be able to grow.

    2. says

      I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie at this event. I too am an event attendee and find it to be one of the most rewarding and encouraging aspects of my business. Not only are we able to connect and meet new people the ideas that come from such events far exceed anything you can find in a book. There is something to be said about live events vrs. watching a recorded one. I am excited and inspired by Debbie and hope to create a long term relationship with her so that we can inspire others too. Thanks for posting this video Debbie
      .-= Lisa SalineĀ“s last blog ..Will Smith Interview with Tavis Smiley =-.

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