Perry Belcher Video Explains Perfectly, Social Media Marketing

00000033Many people ask me what social media marketing is. Mike Dillard sent out a link and introduced a buddy of his by the name of Perry Belcher. Man, does this guy know social media marketing! I’d have to say he’s almost the king of social media marketing!

Anyway, Mike sent this video in the email and I thought you’d appreciate seeing it. It’s going to answer any question of doubt about what you may have thought social media marketing is.

If this isn’t the most perfect explanation of social media marketing, I don’t know what is.

Learn and Enjoy . . . .

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  1. says

    Great video! I love the idea of having a blog as your “house: (central location where everyone can find out more about you).

    It’s time to start putting down my foundation :)

  2. Patrick says

    I love the video. Making friends. Helping people. Lots of people like coming over to the house. They see what your about. Some ask questions because they are intriqued. Sounds like a natural cycle. Attraction!

  3. says

    Awesome video! Makes sense and I see how important it is to have a blog. When you market and brand yourself as a friend that can provide help, you will win the game of Attraction Marketing.

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