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I had the fun opportunity to hear Perry Belcher talk about his proven strategies for creating wealth through social media marketing at the Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference in MN..  For those individuals who think you can’t make money using social media (which is all free),  this may change your mind.

Perry was a  multi-million dollar a year online marketer, lost it all and had to start over from zero after he had everything taken away.  He explains what happened in his video below.

In his 6 month “homeless” period (which is literal… he was sleeping on the floor of a friends home) his good friend Mike Dillard called him to have lunch.   It was during lunch when Mike started fiddling with phone and it was at that moment Perry learned about Twitter.

Perry began utilizing social media which he states “saved his life” and the rest is history. Perry picked up with no money and built his empire through social media.

Here are proven strategies that Perry used and continues to use to build his online empire and following.

Perry Belcher School of What To Do:

1) Let everyone know everything about you.
2) Be transparent
3) Show people you care about them
4) Find out what your audience wants and give it to them
5) Video are king… it’s how people can know, like and trust you.
6) From your videos, move people to your Twitter and Facebook which will lead them to your blog.
7) Stay in the party style mode. In otherwords, don’t bash the social media party and start shoving your business opportunity down their throats.

A good standard to live by when putting out content on facebook, twitter, etc., is this:

90% should be about YOU (not your business)
Things you think are funny…
Things you think are entertaining…
Things you think are interesting…
Things of knowledge you want to share…

10% can be about your business or an offer

Be attractive: Be kind, funny, helpful, interesting and knowledgeable.
Pay lots of compliments.

Perry says if you “show them enough lifestyle”, they will find out what you do and want to be a part. So, rather than tout what you do, show them the lifestyle they could have.

Perry’s Twitter Strategies:

1) Put up a friendly profile picture. Perry said stats show that 80% will follow you based on your smile. So, show your pearly whites.

2) Put up a kick butt vio and customize your profile page.

3) Follow the right people. Become a valued Twitterer, leverage the power of retweets, ask lots of open ended questions and do not spam.

4) Pay compliments!

5) Follow people who recently followed your mentors and coaches.

6) If you follow people who are active at the time, 60% will follow you back.

7) Best times to follow people are between 1 and 3 during the weekday and 8-11 pm weeknights. Weekends rule. Sun after 6 pm is the Sweet Time to Tweet.

8) Follow 30-50 people a day consistently.

9) If these individuals do not follow you back within 3 days, unfollow them.

What to tweet about… This is Perry’s breakdown:

30% content to better people’s lives
10% inform people of things
30% funny things, make people laugh
25% compliments and praise
5% what you do

5 Minutes A Day – Become a Reporter

Here you can find pre-tested content to tweet…

4)  Retweeting others’ content

What About Re-Tweeting?

Retweeting someone’s content is the holy grail.

How you get people to retweet your content?

1)  You retweet their stuff first.
2)  Keep your tweets short or there will not be enough characters for a retweet.
3)  Ask for peeps to retweet your stuff via DM (direct messaging)
4)  Always shrink your URL, i.e, using

Get Community Participation

Perry loves to ask open ended questions.  Here are some examples he gave:

1)  What was your favorite holiday as a child?
2) Which do you use, a Mac or PC?
3)  What super hero are you most like?
4)  What do you think sucks most about _________?
5)  What are you having for lunch today?
6)  What is your favorite peanut butter, creamy or crunchy?

When they answer, REPLY!  NEVER NOT REPLY!

Ask questions about things that people cannot look foolish about answering.  If you talk alot about childhood, it works best.

Feed followers from other social media platforms.  Perry’s system looks like this:

Twitter —-> leads to Facebook —-> leads to Video —-> leads to blog.

Never, ever send people to a sales page from your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube sites.

1) Always give valuable content
2) Always give a call to action (i.e. leave comment, rate my video, etc.)

Using Affiliate Products

If you want to use affiliate products as a source of income, build up the individual who’s product you’re promoting.  Build them up to be the expert, make a video about that and then post it to a blog post.  You will direct people to your affiliate site.

OK, so here’s Perry Story…


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    Very nice article Debbie. I work with small business owners teaching them how to leverage the Internet and increase their sales with social media list building. I am always searching for more great information on social media list building because their is always another new angle that is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss it. Again thanks for the great content.
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