People Don’t Buy What You Do. They Buy WHY You Do It.

People Don't Buy WHAT You Do. They Buy WHY You Do It.

People Don’t Buy What You Do.

They Buy WHY You Do It.

Think about this for a minute and let it hit home.  Soak it in.  Think about why you do what you do.

This is so true and when you understand that, it will change the way you market your message.

As a home based business owner looking to help others in starting their home business, you have to realize that there’s a lot of options for them.

Home business entrepreneurs think it’s all about the company or product they represent when in reality that’s a really small part of the equation when it comes to their prospect’s decision on which company to go with.

Take yourself for example. Let’s say you want a home based business.

Do you wake up in the morning and say, “Oh, fabulous!  I get to spend a couple hours today working in my home based business?”

No.  What you have on your mind, is the WHY will I get up and spend a couple hours today to work in your business.

For example, a younger couple may wake up and say, “Oh fabulous!  I get to be home with the kids so I never have to miss a “first”.

An older couple may wake up and say, “Oh fabulous!  So glad we don’t have to be greeters at a discount store to make ends meet.  Instead, let’s head out on vacation and cross something off our bucket list!

Can you see the difference?


Sell the dream



When looking for a home based business, you probably do a lot of searching online and will find all kinds of products, companies and representatives.

You see a lot of SAMENESS. It’s overwhelming.

Reps are saying how great their products are.  “Oh, my products are the best!”

Reps are saying how great their company is.  “Oh, my company is the best!”

Reps are saying how great their comp plan is.  “Oh, my comp plan is the best!”

Truth is, most products and companies are great.  There’s no one “best”, as it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.  There is critical information regarding comp plans which is important to keep in mind when you make a sale because that’s your lifestyle money you need to meet your goals.

But all in all, reps are touting the same claims…. “My stuff is the best”.

NOTE:  Absolutely you’ll find some of the greatest products inside the network marketing and MLM industry.  If you’re looking for a specific type of product, whether it be in weight loss, diet, travel, vitamins, beauty, wines, candles, jewelry, you name it, do a search for these products within home based businesses.  Support your local home based business owners in your communities, family members and friends.

But back to the topic of why people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

So, you see this “sameness” as you look around.  Blah, Blah, Blah and you it’s nothing that lights a fire under you.

Then you come across someone who is NOT talking about their product and company, but rather the great life they have after the decision to have a home based business.

A teacher who went from being under paid and under appreciated to now living the life she loves.

A doctor who had never saw his family because he was always at the hospital who now spends his days raising his kids and he’s the only dad that attends school outings.

A senior couple could couldn’t retire because there wasn’t enough in the pot who are now traveling the world and checking things off their bucket list.

The secretary who spent her paycheck on daycare and couldn’t get time off to take care of her sick baby to now being a full time mom an never missing any “firsts”.

I went from a 13 year real estate career dealing with stress and deadlines to kicking off my high heels and dress suit for the life I love, living the No Boss lifestyle from the beaches of the world with just my laptop and phone.

Do you see how the message is different than “Hey check my product out!”  or “Join my biz op!

WHY You Do It (1)


It’s not the business you want.

…It’s what that business can do for you.

It’s not the money you want.

… It’s what the money can do for you.

It’s not the time freedom you want.

… It’s what that time freedom can do for you.

People don’t buy WHAT you do.

… It’s not the WHAT they want.

People buy the WHY you do it.  

…It’s the feelings and emotions of having the life they dream about.

When I can share with you WHY I do what I do, you can probably relate.

  • Time freedom
  • Financially secure
  • College tuitions paid for x 3 kids
  • Vacations on calendar
  • Giving to causes you believe in
  • Helping the kids get settled in their adult life
  • Taking care of elderly loved ones
  • Paying off the mortgage
  • Buying a new car and paying cash
  • Being able to host fabulous parties with family and friends to bless them.
  • Funding 529 plans for grandkids

These are all great WHY’s.  Perhaps yours is listed, perhaps not.  You will make your own WHY list.

As you put your marketing out there, be sure and share your WHY as it paints a picture for what’s possible for those who are seeking a solution to their situation.  Let people know how your business has made your life better.

Tell your story all the time.  It inspires others and gives them a springboard to identify their own list of WHY’s and gives them hope that they in fact can have a better life.

If you’re new and still on the journey to get where you want, it doesn’t matter.  The journey never ends.  It’s a lifestyle.  Focus on the end result, your WHY and you’ll find yourself getting results because your WHY will motivate and push you to figure stuff out, put in the time, and do what you need to do.

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Debbie Turner
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