Pattern Interruption For Right Mindset Training?

get motivated seminarsBob Harrison is America’s leading “Increase Activist.” He is a Best-selling author and noted seminar/conference speaker and I had the opportunity to hear him live in Lexington at the Get Motivated Seminar September 28, 2011. 

Of all the Get Motivated Speakers, I have to say, my expections for delivery of jammed packed value from Bob Harrison was met.  He delivered the goods and I would have been satisfied to drive the 3 hours, listen to him, and go home.  I took away very applicable, relevant strategies on mindset that anyone can implement immediately to better ensure success in their business and life in general.

While the line up of Get Motivated speakers included fabulous individuals such as Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, Laura Bush, Gen Colin Powell, Lou Holtz and so many more, I was especially looking forward to hearing what Bob Harrison had to say.  I had only recently learned about him through watching a program on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).  And again, he delivered. 

Bob Harrison started his presentation by repeating something Donald Trump said… "You're going to be thinking anyway, why not think bigger?" 

After everyone laughed in agreement, Harrison reminded us not to allow our limitations to keep us from success.  We all hit brick walls.  It's a part of the growth and journey in all areas of our lives and in our businesses, there's no exceptions to that.  And when we hit brick walls, we need ideas, strategies and game plans. 

He went on to say that while this is a Get Motivated business seminar, that motivation isn't enough to achieve all that we want in business.  It just isn't.  Yes, it's good to be motivated, we all need that.  But we need more.  Motivation in itself isn't the key. 

The keys are the strategies, ideas and game plans.  Success in business requires us to think differently.  If we are working hard and not getting results, we have to change what we are doing.  We need a new perspective.  Sometimes we are focused on just doing more of the same stuff thinking that's the solution, we are just killing our business.

Bob Harrison used a couple examples of changing our perspective.  It's all in how we see things. 

Example 1)  If you write the number 9 on a piece of paper, from your perspective, it's the number 9.  However, it's the number 6 from the perspective of the person sitting across the table from you looking at that same piece of paper.  When he said that, I also thought of all the times I played Scrabble (the word game) and often times couldn't decipher whether I was looking at a "b" or "p", a "q" or "g"…. it's all about perspective.

Example 2)  If you have on tinted sunglasses, you may insist that someone is wearing a lime green shirt when in actuality it's a crisp white.  That will be your perspective until and unless you remove those sunglasses.

In the same way, a person's pre-conditioned thinking will determine your life.  Unless you change this pre-conditioning, you'll always have what you've always had.

Here are some examples of this that you can compare to your own life.

Example 1:  You buy Crest toothpaste because your Mom always bought Crest toothpaste.  She told you when you were small it's the best toothpaste.  You accepted that at face value and all your life you've used Crest toothpaste.  Perhaps you even made it an issue when you got married… you had to use Crest toothpaste. 

Now, let's say you're 52, you're traveling and after checking into your hotel late at night, you realize you left your toothpaste at home.  You noticed however, that there's a small sample tube of get motivated seminars bob harrisonAqua Fresh toothpaste.

You have three choices. 

  1. Brush with just water.
  2. Brush with your body soap.
  3. Brush with the Aqua Fresh toothpaste.

You read the label and it tells you how it's got a great foaming action and so on.  You decide brushing with Aqua Fresh is the best decision.  As you wipe your face after your final rinse, you realize how much you like Aqua Fresh and find yourself buying it the next time you run out. 

What have you done?  You've interrupted your pattern of thinking and behaving.  You now know that just because your Mom told you Crest was the best toothpaste, you can make a different decision.  Crest toothpaste being the best was HER opinion and belief.  It doesn't have to be yours.  New programming… new belief system… new idea… new strategy. 

Example 2:  True or False in your life… when you go the store for groceries, you find yourself buying the same things, making the same recipies, choosing the same snacks and fixing the same meals.  Over and over for a lifetime.

Example 3:  You go to a restaurant and you order the same thing on the menu time after time after time.

Example 4:  Cross your arms.  Notice which arm is on top of the other.  Now switch the way you cross your arms with the other arm on top.  Feels weird.  Feels different.  A bit uncomfortable. 

Our subconscious is programmed to believe a certain way, to act a certain way, to respond a certain way, and to live life a certain way.  If we are not getting life results, business results, we have to interrupt disruptive, non serving patterns.

I was interested in hearing Bob Harrison at this Get Motivated Seminar and (and was my deciding factor to go actually) because he spoke of something called "Pattern Interruption" which helps tremendously with taking stinkin' thinkin' and wrong, negative, self-sabotagings thoughts and ditching them.  He teaches how when you have such a thought, to literally interrupt yourself and deliberately and verabally say something positive.  

There are many forms of Pattern Interruptions relating to various situations but the kind I'm talking about here, replaces your way of doing things subconscienciously just because you've always done it "that way" in the past, and do something different.

Unserving belief systems can be interrupted and new ones created, just like the toothpaste example above.

When you begin to think in terms of lack and failure, interrupt those thoughts and replace them with power thoughts of increase, abundance, and success.  Allow yourself and challenge yourself to come up with new strategies, ideas and gameplans to accomplish anything you desire. 

Later in the afternoon, Bob Harrison was invited back to the Get Motivated stage to bring a 10 minute spiritual message for those who wished to hear it.  His message was this:

Harrison said, you need more than motivation and information.  You need to tap into your "power source" who is God.  God is the creator and sustainer of all life and in the same way He thought and spoke creation into being, we are created in His image and can tap into that same power source when we call upon Him to help us. 

Accept Jesus Christ into your life and He'll become your power source if you ask Him.   

The challenge will be to discipline yourself to be mindful and practice pattern interruption everytime you need it.  When pattern intruption and reinforced words and thoughts are practiced, truth becomes reality in our lives.  The truth is, we can be, do and have whatever we desire that is good and right.   

To learn more about Bob Harrison and his teachings on increase, visit his website at

I enjoyed the Get Motivated Seminar and depending on the "attitude" of those in attendance, some would have negative things to say.  I came away with tremendous gold nuggets and a sense of gratitude that I was able to hear these fabulous speakers for $1.95 admission.  Others complain about the parking, or bash the speakers based on their personal opinions of them.  What a shame. 

I'm not a gambler, but I would wager a bet these naysayers and negative people who look to find fault in the Get Motivated Seminar are not successful in business or in life.  It's probably a 100% sure bet.  They're words and thoughts are very telling and revealing.

If you haven't had the opportunity to attend a Get Motivated Seminar, they run all the time around the States.  Visit their website at and find out when they'll be close to you…. and get to one.  Go with an attitude of gratitude and expectation that you will learn something from these great mentors, coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs.  If you do that, you will come away better for attending and find something to implement into you personal development routine or business model to help you along your journey to success.

Yes!  I'll be going to every Get Motivated seminar that comes close to my location.  You betcha.


  1. says

    Great post, Debbie! You are so right about changing patterns. I couldn't help but notice myself in some of those examples. (However, I've tried other toothpastes, peanut butters, etc., and on those things, brand loyalty tends to stick for me.) It is very interesting to think about what happens when you break the old patterns.

  2. Debbie Turner says

    I hear what you’re saying…. some products are so good after trying different options, sure, I go with those… but then I think how many times I go to Applebees and the chicken oriental salad without considering anything else. I’m probably missing some great meals I’ll never know about unless I try. Thanks for commenting.

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