Outsourcing, No More One-Man-Band

Thinking of outsourcing in your home based business?

outsourcing resourcesGood idea!  And you need to meet my friend Jeff Mills.

Walk into any store or service provider company.  You will find employees to help run the show. 

Delegation is a must to scale up success or if you're working on big projects, you'll get it done quicker. 

Oftentimes as you browse around stores and eat at restaurants the owner isn't around.  Rather, he/she leaves their business in the hands of capable individuals who enjoy using their gift and talents as an employee.

In the home business arena however, outsourcing is not widely used.  For some reason, home business entrepreneurs have not given thought about delegating those tasks that leverages their time and income.  Well, the good news and common sense is that if you are running a home based business, you do not need to be a one man band.

Get help.  Delegate.

"Work less to make more money"

 Anytime you can outsource tasks that you either don't want to do or are not skilled at doing but know it needs to be done, you will feel much better about your daily life. 

Outsourcing the daily tasks that are on the administrative level, this frees you up do the money generating activities. 

Your job as a home business owner is to bring in the money, not sit at your computer 12 hours a day doing admin tasks. 

Make a list of those items you can get off your plate to free you up to spend more time with your family and frees you up to work with your business partners and prospects. 

If you'd like to know more about outsourcing, I want to introduce you to my long time friend and mentor, Jeff Mills.  Meet Jeff here.

I've attended a few of Jeff's events and If you ever get a chance to go, I recommend it.  Jeff's one of the good guys and won't lead you astray in terms of outsourcing.  He's connected!

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