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Seated left to right… Jeff Mills, Dan Spranzy, Mark Hoverson, Debbie Turner, Mary Ann Nagy at Midwest Super Conference where Jeff Mills shares with us outsourcing secrets.

Okay, so you've heard all about outsourcing and you like the concept, but, you don't know what the next step is. Well, it's getting started.

One of my friends and mentors, Jeff Mills, has put together the Outsourcing Compendium which reveals the mother load of resources and how to work with your VA's (Virtual Assistants).

I own it myself, I actually went through Jeff's course and it's a fabulous resource for anyone serious about unloading much of the work a home business owner must do to achieve success. Jeff has coined the term, "work less and make more money" and it's really true. 

Outsource those daily tasks someone else can do so you're freed up to talk to prospects and make money. Here's a link to Jeff's outsourcing information which you can't pass up.   

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