Organize Your Internet Marketing Business In a Snap

organize your internet marketing businessTaking time to organize your internet marketing business doesn't have to be pain staking and you can get it done in a snap.

The success of our home based businesses involves many aspects.

Things like sharing ideas, community and teamwork, having a plan and working our plan, overcoming fears, setting time aside to work but if we were honest about it, to be able to do that efficiently, we need to be organized.   We must be organized.

There's nothing worse than not being able to find stuff we paid for, numbers we need, important notes and scribble doodles we took, etc.

Often when I'm exchanging conversation with fellow internet marketers about our businesses, I inevitably hear things like:

  • "I can't find the notes I took from the webinar."
  • "I don't remember where I put the login and password for a program."
  • "I think I bought "it" but I can't remember."
  • "I have 18,000 emails in my inbox."

You get the picture. 

And maybe you can relate.  If you've ever felt lost amongst the papers and notes laying all over the house, on the floor of your car and tucked in the back pocket of your jeans, you're not alone. 

Perhaps there's a weight on your shoulder to organize your internet marketing business but you just are not sure where to start or maybe you feel a heaviness but can't identify where the root problem is.  If that's the case, look around you. 

Can you quickly access products, trainings and tools you've purchased? 

Can you instantly recall logins and passwords to programs essential to your business?

Ok, no worries.  I'm here to help you organize your internet marketing business.  We'll have you cleaned up, organized and ready to rock in about 3 hours.

Here's what I know to be true. 

If you are surrounded by clutter and disorganization, your mind will be too too.  With few exceptions, it's hard to be in a creative and productive mode, pumping out the content and marketing that's often required to be successful in your home based business.

Here's a few tips that I've used and it works like a charm.


Organize Your Internet Marketing Business


Organize Your Internet Marketing Business Tip #1


organize your internet marketing business

Email continues to haunt and suffocate entrepreneurs.  Especially internet marketers.  This is because they subscribe to every list they can find and then spend hours a day reading and sifting through stuff they don't know what to do with.  While the reading may be entertaining, this doesn't keep them focused on money generating activities.

Rule 1:  Unsubscribe!   I recommend choosing1 or 2 mentors to follow and unsubscribe from everything else.  

Rule 2:  Don't check email but once in the morning and once in the evening.  While many people just handle email as it comes in through their phone, it's still disruptive to working time.  Home based business owners should be dedicated to their work and not be distracted with emails.  This is the difference between being "busy" and "producing".  

Rule 3:  Keep the inbox clear.  Set up folders for things that must be saved.  For example… a folder for receipts, a folder for login information, a folder for company updates, etc.  This way locating important information is easy and quick to find.


Organize Your Internet Marketing Business Tip #2

Training Notes

Too many times it's easy to grab a pad of paper or the back of an envelope to scribble important notes from webinars or trainings attended.  But this is how they get lost, accidently trashed or food spilled all over them.

Rule 1:  Buy a notebook (old school, I know, but it works). organize your internet marketing business

Rule 2:  Put tabs and dividers into your notebook and label them according to what your business trainings are about.  For example in the internet marketing business, there's often trainings on marketing and personal growth.  So maybe your tabs will be something like:

  • Facebook marketing
  • Video marketing
  • content marketing
  • personal development
  • tools

and so forth.

Then of course you have notebook paper behind each tab.

Rule 3:  Carry this notebook with you anytime you attend a training.  You can simply open the notebook to the appropriate tab for which the training is about and take notes.  Put the trainer, the contact information, the website information and the date on the top of your note page. 


Organize Your Internet Marketing Business Tip #3

Spread Sheet

This spreadsheet will keep all your products and logins handy.

Rule 1:  Any time you buy a product, tool or resource, log it in your spreadsheet.

Rule 2:  If this is an affiliate product, in another column, write down your affiliate link

Rule 3:  in another column, write down your login and password information.

This way you have fast and easy access to all your products, tools, resources and you're not taking valuable time hunting them down.

Note:  I don't recommend you carry this information around with you.  Store them on roboform online and never keep the spreadsheet loose and with you.  If you left them behind, you may find that a 'not so nice' person found it and will have a hay day with your stuff.

I hope these tips have been helpful with your project to organize your internet marketing business.  Leave me a comment and share with me your tips!



  1. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Lawanda… you’re welcome! I bet you have some tips too and I’d love to hear them :) ~ Debbie

  2. says

    Hi Debbie! Good advice! I'm getting more and more organized. The thing I still find it difficult is to stay away from my email, but I will get better there too.
    Another important thing I do is try to plan my day the night before: I prepare a to-do list ordered by priority so I start the day with a very clear schedule (allowing for flexibility of course! This is very important when you wrok from home!)

  3. says

    Great quick and easy tips you just shared. I have been working on my email for well over…lets just say a long time now. It gets out of hand easy, but I didn't stress to much about it. Now I'm on a personal mission to get that inbox nice and tidy and unsubscribe has been my friend. It's amazing how many lists we somehow get added to.

    Also your note about taking notes…perfect! I've kept many notebooks over the years and have found them to be the perfect way to not only review great webinars or live seminars, but to leverage those notes into content.
    Simple yet powerful tips. Thanks for sharing.
    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Wow.. all that sounds great! I had the same problem with email. We’re so addicted aren’t we? LOL! In fact, the only way I can deal with email is to turn it off. I can’t just have it on “but not looking”… that doesn’t work.

    Good advice back at cha…love the whole plan your day the night before. Do you find that you sleep better and fall asleep faster? I do. And, no wasting time in the morning figuring out what to do. These are great tips.

    Thanks so much for sharing Paola!

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Ken…

    about the lists we subscribe to… right? LOL! I love it when I can take care of the email and delete or file it. :) ~ Debbie

  6. says

    Thanks for the tips, I found them very helpful. I have started a spreadsheet with my login and password info and it really does help. Thanks again for the tips, I will implement them I know.

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