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Online Marketing Training  

online marketing training

If you're looking for online marketing training, you're definitely in the right place. 

Is the END RESULT of your online marketing efforts you and your family enjoying what wealth brings? 


Of course. 

Well, I have a treat for you that if you'll take one hour (1:19 actually) and listen to, it can change EVERYTHING for you.

It will change the way you approach your online marketing because you'll approach it with a new mindset and relationship to money.

What am I talking about?

I discovered the one thing you must grasp BEFORE mastering online marketing skill and I want to share this with you.

Call it "the PRE-cursor to technical online marketing training".

Here's what happens.  Everyone who starts a home based business, network marketing or MLM endeavor jumps in and wants to go straight to the "how to" stuff… right?

"how do I generate leads?"
"how do I create a website?"
"how do I place ads on Facebook?"
"how do I set up that whole automation stuff?"
"how do I, how do I, how do I?"

But they overlook the pre-cursor to all this "how to" training. 

And that's the perception you have about your self-image and your relationship to wealth and money.  You wouldn't think one has anything to do with the other, but it does.

Because you can learn you everything you want to know about online marketing.  But at the end of day, you will self-sabotage your success if you have ANY hangups in these areas whatsoever.

And that's what I didn't realize when I got started ….nor does anyone coming from the employee mindset and atmosphere to the entrepreneur. 

In fact, if my mentor had given me what I'm going to share with you the very day I started my home based business, I would have certainly achieved results so much quicker than I did. 

And, to take that a step further, like Tony says in the training below, if I had learned this stuff when I was 18, 23, 30… heck.. I wouldn't be blogging today about this stuff because I would have taken a different approach to my life and who knows where I could have been. 

It's dangerous to not know what you don't know.  It's the same stuff that keep the rich getting richer as the gap between rich and poor widens. 

Here's something interesting that I found enlightening…

Author Maxwell Maltz said, 

"Humans cannot consistently out-perform his/her own self image."

You can only make as much money as you believe you're worth. 

If you've been in a job and your income has been $40K a year, guess what?  That's the most you're going to make in your home business, no matter what.  You will implement and work your online business only to the extent that it gives you $40K, even if someone hands you a million dollar business.

So as you begin working hard to develop your skills with your online marketing strategies, your results will depend entirely upon your self image.  Sound crazy? It's not.

What I'd like to help you with today is not only give you online marketing training recommendations but to help you set your internal thermometer for grand success… your lifestyle success. 

I want to help you understand that the gap between poor to rich is between your head and if you'll flip the switch and decide in favor of yourself, your life will open up.

The thing about online marketing training….

You can find courses on every kind of way to market online or get it all under one roof through a training platform. 

And I'm going to share with you a couple of resources I have and use and find to be of great marketing training

But before I do, let me ask you this question.  It won't be a question you're expecting but it has everything to do with your online marketing training.


When you look at someone who's homeless, you probably think to yourself, "I could get out of that situation", right?

So what would happen if you found yourself out of work and someone dropped you off on a street corner, left you with no money, no credit cards, no food, no house and nothing but the clothes on your back? 

What would you do?

Well, you'd get up and get moving wouldn't you.  You have resources, you have some skills, you have contacts.  And by day's end you'd have a bed to sleep in.  You wouldn't sit there for 5 minutes let alone all day and just do nothing.  No, you'd be planning and plotting on how to get back to the lifestyle you had.

And in the same way that you look at a homeless person and say to yourself, "I could get out of that situation", wealthy people look at average people and say the same thing.  They look at average people and say, "I could get out of that situation".

It's not that they are looking down on average people.  Not at all.  It's about a mindset that says success is a choice and so is having average income.

In the audio below, my friend Tony Rush has some training for you that will absolutely help you understand the "Poor to Rich" mindset if you'll really listen and implement what he's teaching. 

If you will grasp and understand what he's sharing with you, your online marketing training will explode because you will finally get out of your own way, perhaps for the first time in your life.

I'm really excited to share this with you. I myself have listened to it several times.

Grab some paper

Grab a pen

Grab your favorite beverage

Turn off Facebook.

Turn off Skype.

Tell your family you're unavailable for a few minutes.

And let's talk about MONEY……Being RICH…. understanding the gap between rich and poor, so you land on the right side of success.

PLEASE take this seriously if you want true breakthroughs that will lead to fabulous results as you begin to learn online marketing training.

Pre-cursor to online marketing training – Money, Wealth, Mindset



Download it save it your mp3 player and listen to it over and over.  (This is an Empower Network Training but generic for anyone who wants to succeed in life)

One thing is for sure:

How you THINK and FEEL about being wealthy is a big factor in how easily you'll achieve it. 

This is key to understanding your results when it comes to your online marketing training.  When you approach it with a new mindset and belief system, you will grasp it and implement it and nothing will hold you back. 

Online Marketing Training


Congratulations if you listened to the audio. 

Okay, you are probably looking for trustworthy, high value, inexpensive online marketing training.  I've got that for you here.

Depending on what you want your training platform to look like, or whether you're looking for single courses or everything under one roof, here's what I own, I use and fully recommend with integrity.

Empower Network    Affiliate program that pays 100% commissions.  Products include authority blog, how to market online, capture pages, sales pages, weekly conference calls, support community on Facebook, low ticket to high ticket products.

MyLeadSystemPro   Affiliate program pays 40% + depending on how many people you refer.  Products include capture and sales pages, marketing training, weekly webinars, support community Facebook, multiple streams of income inside.  Upgrades include Facebook App Integration and video hosting.  Tremendous archives of online marketing training all under one roof.

What's Working Now   This is a relevant, up to date current marketing strategies platform.

Facebook Course Training   Everything there is to know about Facebook Marketing. 

SEO Blog Training Course   Everything you wanted to know about SEO and getting to the top of search engines.

Posting on Purpose   Everything you wanted to know about what to blog about.

Attraction Marketing   What attraction marketing is and how it works.  Free 7 day bootcamp is included.

And IF you're ready to step into a new way of thinking – of living – and join the rest of us who are living our dreams, no matter what are education, background or 'life challenges' are,  This is the BEST place to start

If you enjoyed this mindset blog post as the pre-cursor to Online Marketing Training, I'd appreciate you sharing it of Facebook, Tweeting it and of course, leave me a comment below!

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