Offline vs Online Marketing: What’s the Difference?



Offline vs Online Marketing:  What’s the Difference?

I find when talking with brand new home based business owners, one of the factors they take into consideration when deciding on a product and company to represent, is the type of marketing they are authorized to utilize.

You would think that this isn’t a factor, right?  You would assume that the company you rep for would tell you to “go for it” and do whatever you want. But that’s not true.  Be sure and check the terms and conditions as well as the policies and procedures of the company you want to represent before signing on the dotted line.

This is important because believe it or not, there’s still many companies that tie your hands and what you can do in terms of advertising is very limited.

So what’s the difference between offline and online marketing?

As a new home based business owner, it’s time to start marketing.  Let’s look at some options.

marketing options

You hear the term tossed around in the industry… “offline and online”  You’ll also hear “old school and new school“.  What they are referring to is this.

Offline is considered “old school”

Online is considered “new school”

Both online and offline work just great.  You may hear strong disagreements on both sides of the fence which I think is hilarious.

Old school says:

“That doesn’t work, you’re not creating relationships, you can’t build your business fast, it takes a long time to build a substantial business, face to face is the only way and we’ve always done it this way.”

New school says:

“We live in a digital age where technology allows us to create relationships and build businesses fast.  You old schoolers can take a long time if you want, but we want to do it fast.  People would rather get all the information from the comfort of their homes by watching videos and webinars as opposed to sitting in a hotel room feeling pressured or obligated to buy.”

Here’s the deal.


You don’t have to pick one or other so long as your company gives you the green light.  In fact, you will probably want to use a combination of both.  I think when you look down the list of possibilities, you’ll agree.  You’ll find things in both the offline and online that you resonate with and you can pick and choose how you want to market your business.

Let’s look at a list of marketing strategies for offline marketing.

Offline marketing simply means you are marketing your business OFFLINE. (Meaning not using the internet)

TV ads
Radio ads
direct mailers through US postal service
hotel meetings
home parties
business cards
networking, exchanging business cards
door to door

3 foot rule (talking to everyone within 3 feet of you)
making a list of family and friends to share your business with.  This is called your “warm market”
car signs
forms to fill out when joining
calling people from the phone book
yellow page advertising
buying leads and cold calling (cold calling means they’ve never heard of you before)
… and more


Let’s look at a list of marketing strategies for online marketing.

Online marketing simply means you are marketing your business ONLINE. (Meaning using the internet)

capture pages (to collect emails to follow up)
automated sales pages
automated sign up processes
social media
linked in
mobile marketing
email follow up using autoresponders
online posting of advertising through Craigs list, Job boards, etc.
Google, Yahoo, Bing advertising
Pop ups (have you ever been on a website and an ad pops up?  That’s it)
Retargeting (have you ever searched for something on your computer and all of sudden you see ads for what you were searching for to invite you back to their website?)  That’s what retargeting is.
… and more

 While you can see these are very different ways to market…

There isn’t a right or wrong.

There isn’t a one size fits all.

It’s based on your personal preference.

How you will determine what style of marketing you want to use will be based on a couple of things.

1. Your strengths.  You already possess strengths.  Take a list of them and build off of them.

2. Your willingness to learn new skills.  Just because you’ve never done “a thing” before, you can learn about a strategy and then say to yourself, “You know what?  I can see myself doing this.  I’m going to learn this and chose this as one of my marketing strategies.”

3. Your commitment to mastering a few strategies (trying to be the master of all will overwhelm and kick you in the behind.  Master a few rather than trying to become the jack of all trades.)

4. Your attitude and belief about a particular marketing strategy.  If you have a big hangup about a strategy, that may not be the best for you implement.  On the other hand, it may be a strategy that’s very applicable and you have to change your mind based on new information and explanation and putting on your entrepreneur hat and be challenged to learn it.

Using a Combination of Both Offline and Online Marketing Strategies


Using a combination of both offline and online marketing strategies may just fit the model you want to incorporate into your business plan.

I love this picture above of the apple and the orange representing two completely different types of fruit.  Mix it up a bit and come up with your own marketing plan.  The apple/orange at the end looks FUN doesn’t it?

I saw a quote the other day by Albert Einstein and it said this:

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

I love this!  I want you to have fun and enjoy your business.  If you don’t have fun, what’s the point?

I would hope that you got started in your home based business to have more fun, more freedom and more of what you desire.  And while there is a learning curve to getting there, it’s worth it, especially when you can chose what you want to do in terms of marketing.

I have found that there’s a combination of marketing that I enjoy.

Because I want to leverage my time with explaining the product and compensation plan, I would much rather have a recorded professional presentation already done where I can simply send someone who’s asking for more information, the link to watch at their convenience.

This way I can have many, many people, around the world, watching my sales presentation at the same time and I could be out with the family, on vacation, working other aspects of my business, out to lunch with friends, etc.

So using automation, systems and utilizing the power of the internet is on the top of my list.  However, I have no problem handing out a brochure and getting an email with permission to add them to my VIP subscriber’s list or phone number.

I have no problem placing ads online as well as offline.

So, as you can see, there’s no right or wrong way to market.

I hope you received value from this blog post and have a better idea of various types of marketing available to you.  There’s more options than the ones I’ve listed, but my goal was to show you that there’s many, many options both offline and online and that there’s no right or wrong way.

The key is to pick a couple ways YOU want to market and become skilled in those strategies.

All the best!



 Debbie Turner
Freedom Entrepreneur

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