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network marketing trainingAre you looking for network marketing training?  If so, you're in the right place and I have information that will be useful for you.

Although we probably haven't met nor have had a conversation about exactly what kind of network marketing training you're looking for, if you're like most people, you are looking for steps to get started and pointed in a direction that works for you. 

People call me all the time and share that they do in fact have a desire to succeed in their business but at the same time, they are at a crossroads, or at a complete standstill, because they're overwhelmed in terms of where to start and what to do.

In this article I have a few tips and resources that can make all the difference for you.  I have recruited hundreds into my network marketing business over the years and while many things change in relation to marketing strategies, some things don't. 

I'll share what hasn't changed and then give you the resources you will need to succeed online with your network marketing business.


Network Marketing Training – Your Success is Relationship Based

While you can take your network marketing business online, and I'm assuming that's what you want to do, there's no way around the relationship with your businessnetwork marketing training partners if you want to be successful. 

There are many people, most in fact, that really don't want the interaction with others, yet want to grow a large organization.  It doesn't work like that.  We are humans and humans want and need interaction.  Secondly, this is "network marketing" and we succeed through "networking".

The truth of the matter is this.  People will join you, more than they are joining your company.  They want to know, like and trust you and in order for that to happen, they need to hear from you.  You can email, send videos, chat, use Facebook and of course, the phone.  It doesn't mean you spend a lot of time with each person, but they want a connection.  They want to know you're reachable and that you care. 

If this is not what you wanted to hear, perhaps changing your business model from network marketing to affiliate marketing, or creating your own products may be a better fit for you.  Having said that, many of the network marketing training you'll come across in terms of marketing are the same for whatever business model you decide on.

Network Marketing Training – Become the Person you Want to Attract to Your Business.

I know it's intimidating when you first get started to feel like the person others want to join and partner with.  But if I can encourage you to not focus on that, but rather get to work, make your mistakes and put all fears aside, you will soon become the leader others are looking for.

You are good enough right where you are to start, put your nose to the grind and take consistent action in building your business every day for a long period of time.  It's your new career.  It's your new path.  If you've made a decision for your success, then you have nothing else to do anyway.  

Here are a couple tips to become the person you want to attract to your business.

     1)  Read and development a habit of personal development everyday. 

     2)  Be a positive, solution oriented person.  Don't dwell on the things that hold you back, but rather focus on your strengths. 

     3)  Hang out with successful people.  You can do this by reading their books, attending events, connecting on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  You can also find them in forums and chat rooms. 

     4)  Take daily and consistent actions to learn and implement.

     5)  Get specialized training for areas in your life and business you want to improve.

If you do this you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish over the next year.


Network Marketing Training – Take Responsibility for Your Success

network marketing trainingOf course you want to development a great relationship with your sponsor in your network marketing business, however, don't expect that they will be the end all to your success.  Your sponsor is your partner where there's a give a take on both ends. 

Your sponsor or upline is not your boss  He/she doesn't tell you what you to do, when to show up, when to take off and doc you when you don't comply.

This person is also not your employee.  He/she has their business and isn't on call 24/7 nor will they work your business for you. 

A good sponsor will lead by example.  He/she can point you to great tools and resources and help you put together a game plan for your success.

My sponsor always acted as a support, a role model, someone I could shoot some ideas off of and never lead me down a dead end or sold me a bill of goods just to make a buck.  If they had knowledge on a particular marketing skill, he would show me how and then leave me to get my work done for me to implement.

I served as a coach for Mark Hoverson, co-owner of Global Resorts Network from 2008-2009 and also for Jonathan Budd for a season.  I found that 99% of the time, students were overwhelmed, didn't have the right training platform, had no idea about which way to begin and just going over a game plan helped tremendously.  (And a mindset check… usually had to challenge my student with their thoughts).


Network Marketing Training Systems

There are two network marketing training systems I personally use and recommend.

network marketing trainingThere are THREE key benefits to understand with using both of these systems:

ONE:   You will lead your marketing with value and solutions for home based business owners and frustrated network marketers.  Most likely, these are the SAME problems you are facing and the reason you're reading this blog.  So rather than running ads about your business opportunity, run ads that solve the problem of the new or struggling entrepreneur that says, "HELP!"  This is called Attraction Marketing.

TWO:  Both of these systems offer the network marketing training "know how" you are seeking.   Are these questions running through your mind?

   1)  "How do I market my network marketing business online?"

   2)  "How do I generate leads for my network marketing business?"

   3)  "How do I know what marketing strategies are even available and where can I learn about them?"

   4)  "How do I not self-sabotage my success when someone asks me about training?"

These programs will give you the network marketing training you are seeking IF you are wanting to take your business online.

THREE:  You require cash flow for your paid marketing, your tools and resources and your education. 

By utilizing platforms like the ones I'm going to share with you, you will be able to generate a stream of income for each of these to offset these hard costs of doing business.  This way, you're not getting into your regular 9-7 paycheck for your business expenses. 

It's recommended you take 20% of your business income and put it back into paid marketing.

Here are the two network marketing training programs I use and recommend.


Inside you will find training on all areas of internet marketing, over a dozen free giveaway training webinars, 19 streams of income built in, dozens of capture pages, most customizable and with the upgraded platform, you will also have Facebook Fan Page applications and video hosting services. The company offers live free training every Wednesday night.

Read more about MLSP here

Empower Network: 

Founded October 31, 2011, this program is growing faster than any other affiliate program in history.  It's been pretty amazing to be a founding member and watch it grow.  It's designed for the newbie to get in and get going.  Each product inside is "a la carte" with various price points.  You are paid 100% commissions on each products you own.  It's a highly leveraged, the company offers live Monday night trainings, the capture pages are done and they also have Facebook applications.

Read more about Empower Network here


Network Marketing Training Tip

Focus on just one or two marketing strategies, maybe one paid and one free strategy.  Paid strategy examples are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook pay per click, banner ads, solo ads, and so on. 

Free strategy examples are video, blogging, twitter, forums, social media, articles and blogging.  Stick with the marketing strategies you're interested in and decide upon until you get results.  Then, add another marketing strategy on.  network marketing training

Not focusing on one or two strategies can put you on the overwhelmed wheel. 

What often happens is someone will get started doing one thing and not get instant results, or it's difficult for them to figure out, or they have a technical bump and rather than see it through, they trash the idea and move to another strategy.  And the process repeats itself until they wear themselves out and quit.   

I promise you, there is a learning curve to all strategies.  It's  not a big deal, just have a little patience and you'll find what works for you.  Commit to finish what you start.

Also, I know it's tempting, but don't buy every product that comes across your inbox promising to the "the magic potion".  There is no magic potion.  Your success will require you to learn, implement and fail forward.  The rewards are great if you'll treat your business like a business and take it very seriously. 

With MLSP and Empower Network, you will receive training on what you need to fully execute any marketing strategy. 

Once you know what kind of marketing strategy you want to master, then it would make sense to pick up a course, or hire a coach, for that particular training to really master it.  Make sense?

In summary, I have shared with you the following network marketing tips:

Network marketing is relationship based….

Become the person you want to attract to your business…

Take responsibility for your success…

Focus on one or two marketing strategies and stick with them…

I recommend you learn more about MLSP and Empower Network to see if either of those are exactly what you're looking for in terms of your network marketing training.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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