Network Marketing Online Training – Leaders, Where Are You?

group_of_people XSmallNetwork marketing online training has the the open door and opportunity to step into (or back into) the home based business industry. 

Let me explain.

So, I get another phone call from a man who shares with me that he would really enjoy entrepreneurship and it's been nagging at him for years.  He wants to get started with home kind of business that allows him to make money from home.

Further discussion as to why he's waited so long to get started reveals that he actually was in network marketing years ago. In fact he had tried on several occasions but was never able to get to first base with any of his opportunities.

I inquired as to what he felt the problem was. 

In every case, his sponsor had quit and his other uplines above them would only go so far as to tell him to host home meetings, use the 3 foot rule, talk to family and friends and that was about it.

Granted, that was years ago and back then the internet and network marketing online training wasn't around.  Makes sense because there was no internet back then. 

But the first line of defense for this entrepreneur was sponsor assistance and partnership  and in all cases, his sponsors had quit. 

This is an all too common story. 'Would be' home business owners often quit today so what you have is people sponsoring people who then turn around and quit and quit.  

Network Marketing Online Training – Look before Leap

Quitting is still very prevalent.  I truly wish that before individuals started a home business, they would conduct a self evaluation, look in the mirror and ask themselves…network marketing online training

"Do I have what it takes?"

"Am I committed to learn with or without a sponsor?"

"Is my reason 'why' big enough to see myself succeed?"

" Am I going to quit when the going gets tough?"

Today's home business model is not like the old days before network marketing online training systems were available.  It's not even like it was 2-3 years ago before social media and attraction marketing became strongholds in the business world, where it was still difficult to get ahold of blueprints on how to make money online. 

I remember the days when you had to attend live events and spend thousands of dollars to get the secrets to network marketing online training. 

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So, back to the story…. this guy has been hesitant to jump back into a home business opportunity because he didn't want a fourth go- around with sponsor abandonment.  I can't blame him but times have changed so much that that excuse doesn't hold up today. 

There's too many tools, resources and communities that one can get plugged into to create whatever success they desire. 

Two thoughts come to mind:

1) Today, even with sponsor abandoment, there is so much available in terms of network marketing online training for the home business owner that one can achieve wild success with or without a sponsor. 

2) It makes me wonder how many men and women never gave themselves a real chance to become great entrepreneurs.  I wonder how many books were never written, how many inventions were never created, how many lives were never touched, because people give up on themselves so easily, cheating others out of the blessings of being introduced to a person, a product or service that could have impacted their life greatly.

Leaders…… where are you?

Rather than finding excuses, how about stepping up and out to help those who are in your shoes right now?  We need you to step up and step into your greatness. 

If you have a calling and desire to be an entrepreneur, I beg of you to put one foot in front of the other and stand strong.  Bathe yourself in personal development to help you stay the course when you wonder if it's all worth it. 

Start doing what leaders do, acting like leaders and talking like leaders, even before you're a leader.  The end result of that will be that you become the leader you want to be.  It's a beautiful transformation.  I've been down that path.

If you're not willing to be a leader, then choose a business and focus on simply selling products or services but not in the recruitment of others.

For those stepping into the leadership mindset, know that there are fabulous network marketing online training platforms and coaches for you to role model after and align yourself with.  There are programs that you can get your new business associates plugged into immediately for training on all things internet and attraction marketing which will not only remove the weight of having to train, but also leverage your time.

Network Marketing Online Training System

network marketing online trainingIf you're a newbie, a struggling and frustrated network marketer or a leader who is tired of doing your own massive trainings and want to free up time, MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) is your solution. 

MLSP is a complete attraction marketing system that allows a home based business owner to lead with value, give away free value based training webinars, has multiple capture pages fully customizable, and is based on leadership posturing.  MSLP is easy to set up and takes about an hour as you'll also be signing up for affiliate products that are sold within the system.  These streams of income are all free to sign up for with the exception of 1 or 2 and if you don't want it, don't buy it. 

Inside of MLSP contains the largest archives of network marketing online training you'll find.  There's also an active community and live events that supports the home based business owner.

So gone are days where excuses about "my sponsor quit" or "my sponsor won't help me" will stand.  The home business entrepreneur is 100% responsible for his/her success with or without their sponsor.  You see, entrepreneurship and success is a decision YOU make. 

Sign up for the trial for MyLeadSystemPro and see what you think.

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