Network Marketing Help: 7 Tips for Staying Focused and On Task



Network Marketing Help:

7 Tips for Staying Focused and On Task

Do you find yourself going from email to websites to social media sites back to email for hours a day only to discover by the time you’re ready for bed you’ve done NOTHING?

But wait!  You were going to write an article and submit it.  That was the only thing on your to do list today.

What happened?

I was talking to a coaching student today and she was suffering from overwhelm and too much to do.  She couldn’t focus, couldn’t figure out what to do first, where to back up to and I could hear her cry for help.  In her particular instance, she’s a brand new marketer who has recently joined a home business and her first task was to get her personally branded website up.  But, she found herself overwhelmed and couldn’t move.

I first validated these as manageable problems that can be solved easily and that I totally related to what she was saying.  I was there at one point in my business early on.  I affirmed to her that she was not alone.

This is a huge issue in the industry and because there’s not enough leaders and network marketing coaches helping budding entrepreneurs, they fall through the cracks.  Often they are embarrassed to call their sponsor or upline and say “hey, I’m a basket case and need some help to focus”.

We discussed her situation, her feelings and thoughts, and together, evaluated her struggles.  Here are very specifics we talked about in this case study.


Too many emails to read with stuff she thought she should pay attention to.


Unsubscribe from any emails that are not moving your business forward.  If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then set up a rule in your email in box that says “when I get an email from, deliver it to xyz folder.  This way you are not missing any correspondence but it does not come across your desk to distract you.  Refer to the file  for updates and news anytime.

Don’t pay attention to ads and other trainings and such that you are not ready for at this time.

Let’s say your focus is on article writing.  You’ve committed to write and publish 3 good articles this week and by the end of the month, you want to have a great grasp on article marketing.  You’re learning how to do the keyword research for your articles, learning about headlines, body content, word counts, resource and author boxes, etc.

Then, in your inbox, you get an invite to purchase a book on “how to make the world’s greatest videos” and there ya go.  You get side swiped and now you’re reading ad copy and your inner self is wondering whether this could be the secret that unlocks the keys to your success.

Rather than go in 100 different directions, ask yourself whether it’s really necessary at this time to not only spend money on something you’re not studying, but important enough to be distracted from that which you, as your own boss, commityed to study, which was article marketing this month.

There will always be plenty of content and ‘know how’ about how to make the world’s greatest videos when you move into your commitment to make awesome videos.



Checking email all the time.


Check your email 2 or 3 times a day, max.  Answer email, delete the junk and turn your email right back off.  The world and your friends will not fall apart if you don’t sit at your email and stare at it waiting for news about something.



Distractions during set-aside work time.  You’ve sat down understanding you only have an hour, to accomplish something to move your business forward.  The phone rings 13 minutes into your thought process.  You finish your call and get back to work. 5 minutes later you get another call.  You answer and head to the kitchen for something to drink.

You can imagine the rest of the story, it wasn’t productive time.  When it’s time to work, it’s time to work.


Remove all distractions.  << Read that article.  Turn the phone off.  Turn Skype off.  Shut down your messengers and email.  Turn the TV off.   It’s time to show up to work.



Notes from trainings are all over the house; in the kitchen, on your bedroom floor, in the bathroom, in the car… and when you gather them together you can’t determine what notes relate to what training.  They are wrinkled, some have footprint impressions on them, others  have coffee mug stains, it’s just one big pile of mess.  Very unorganized.


Get yourself a 3-ring notebook with dividers.  Label the dividers for subjects or skillsets you are learning.  For example, attraction marketing, video marketing, Facebook, podcasting, etc.  Fill with notebook paper.  The only thing you will reach for from now on when you’re ready to learn, be it through a webinar, a conference call, a video tutorial, an ebook, doesn’t matter, is your notebook.  Open to the respective tab for the subject matter you are going to learn.  If you don’t have one made for this subject, make one.

So, open your notebook to the subject tab… say you’re ready to hop on a webinar about blogging.  Open to blogging.  Write the date and the source of the training on the top so you have it for reference if you need to go back and review the training.  Then, take your notes on this paper.

If you’re a total computer person, type your notes as you’re learning, print them out, 3 hole punch them, and put them in your notebook before you pass go and collect $200.


PROBLEM #5: Not sure what the next step should be, can’t think straight.

SOLUTION: Ask yourself this question:  What are 3 things that I can do right now to move my business forward?

Do those things.  If you’re brand new and still in the setting up stages, your 3 things may be to finish your website, write 5 follow up autoresponder messages and set up an account at Google to run some ppc ads.

If you have your website up and running, but that’s it, your next 3 things may be set up a blog, create or update your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or if that’s done, how’s your youtube channel?

You will find the answers within yourself.  The problem is trying to do all three at one time.  Pick one and see it to completion.  Then go to the next.  The truth of the matter is, over the course of the next year or so, you want to be omni present online.  You want to be everywhere.  So it all needs done, it’s a matter of picking something, one thing, and getting about it.


PROBLEM #6: Finding yourself completely off track all the time.  So say you sit down to research topics on articles and end up watching videos, following peoples links from articles to blogs because the content was so awesome and before you know it, it’s 2 hours later and you’ve got nothing accomplished.

SOLUTION: Set a timer for 30 minutes into your project.  When it goes off, simply measure your activities.  Take note and see if you are still on task or if you got caught up on a completely different mindset.  Refocus and reset the timer for another 30 min.  When that goes off, depending on how focused or ADD you are, you may want to take a break, go for a brisk walk, grab something to drink and then get back to work.

While you do this, try to stay somewhat focused on your project…but to move around, get some oxygen flowing through your body, will help keep your mind perky.

It may be that you need to stretch every 30 minutes.  Find a time limit that works for you, and set a timer in intervals to work with your attention span.

I hope this has been value for you today.  I actually utilize these strategies for staying focused and they help me tremendously.

If you have strategies you use, I would love to hear them.  I’m always open to suggestions and I’m sure my readers would be as well.  If you like this post, please tweet and comment.

Thank you so much… I appreciate you. :)

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  1. says


    This is a great post about staying focused. I must admit I’ve been found guilty for more than one of these infractions. I really liked what you said about not getting side tracked with other ads or trainers. It’s so important to stay focused and use the information that needed to complete the task at hand.

    Another thing that I find useful is planning one action item and making sure I limit myself to that one thing. I often feel overwhelmed when I try to tackle my entire to do list. By limiting to one big important issue a day I actually get more done in the long run.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad
    .-= Ken Pickard´s last blog ..6 Reasons Why You Need a Blogging Alliance =-.

  2. says

    This is an awesome post Debbie!

    I think this is a very common issue among people working online and I must admit that I definitely recognize myself in those problems.

    I’ve been better dealing with them recently but I guess I still got some work to do to increase my productivity.
    A course that I have found very good is Eben Pagan’s WakeUp Productive.
    It has helped me a lot to become more focused and get more done.

    Keep the great posts coming Debbie! Can’t wait to read the next one! :)

    Dr Jon
    .-= Jon Alfredsson´s last blog ..Do You Have Mentors and Role models? =-.

  3. says

    This was a great time management and get “focused” article. I needed this .Set goals and stay focused. Pam Perry, is a PR guru and her ministry marketing solutions provides excellent social media tools and training with a spirit of excellence. I listened to her teleseminar last night. Your article may be focus and confirmed what she indicated that you need to write goal. Your problems and the solution for addressing was on target and pratical.

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Linda, thanks for that validation…. I SO appreciate you sharing that. I’ll have to check out Pam Perry, I’ve never heard of her but it sounds like it’s time I meet her :). Great tip for PR connection… Thanks again!

  5. Tracy Goodhew says

    This is a great article! I have often had that problem myself. It’s so easy to get distracted on the internet. Thanks for the tips!

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