Network Marketing Consulting Exposes Cover Up of Fear Under Guise of Student, An Epidemic

After coaching and offering network marketing consulting for about a year now, I’ve discovered that most network marketers and home based business owners have found a guise that covers up their underlying fears of actually having to perform.   They rationalize their actions and label it as education.

Network marketing today is so much easier and simpler than ever before, yet the fears and anxieties that the majority of home based business owners exhibit runs deep and wide in the industry. It’s really an epidemic. In fact, if it were a medical term it would be labeled Network Marketing Phobia (NMP). The definition would be something like; “a disease that kills the dreams, spirits and hopes of would-be entrepreneurs based on lies and belief systems that each one holds to be the truth about themselves.

One cover up for this phobia is becoming a professional student. There are many times that a home based business owner will continue educating themselves and they justify it as something they need in order to start their business and they classify it as being productive. There’s nothing wrong with education and I’m a member of the “never stop learning” club, however, at some point, one needs to put the books down and begin the implementation.

I understand some initial study and preparation is necessary, however, I also know that in light of the many tools, resources, mentorship and support in the industry of network marketing today, there’s no reason whatsoever to prolong getting started in a home based business.

Often, as I begin a network marketing consulting appointment, I’ll ask my student if he/she took the action steps we laid out for them the week prior. Many times I discover that the student is still reading or studying or bought another book or program rather than take what they’ve learned and implemented marketing.

Knowledge without application is just knowledge. Applied knowledge leads to progress and ultimately success in network marketing. I explain to my students that network marketing and operating a home based business is really an “on the job training” experience. Failures, setbacks, discouragements are all stepping stones to success. How soon they want to be successful depends on how fast they can start and fumble forward and accept that as part of the overall learning curve. But this really freezes them up. Mentally, they are not able to move, except to more study.

There are many network marketing books that share million dollar nuggets and network marketing seminars all around the world presented by top notch trainers and professionals in the industry. In these books and seminars and even network marketing for dummies courses will all give a call to action of some kind. They are authored for the purpose of taking a network marketer and giving them the tools and skills to implement the strategies taught. The home based business owner should immediate action on what they just learned.

But fears and anxieties keep these would-be entrepreneurs’ noses in books. They feel like if they just get a little more information, have a little more knowledge, study a little longer, then they’ll find the magic bullet they are looking for. The magic bullet is called putting the books down and getting busy with applying what they’ve learned. It’s about learning something and immediately applying it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Somewhere underneath the professional student lies a tremendous fear of failure, or even fear of success, as odd as that sounds. They are worried about what others will think about them, or perhaps sub conscientiously they don’t feel they deserve success.

By remaining a student and using education as an excuse to not implement and actually begin advertising and running a business, they feel safe. They self sabotage through their ongoing study and cover it up by appearing busy.

Until this person deals with the underlying fears and feelings and changes how they think and feel about themselves, they will remain a student. For a home based business owner or network marketer who truly desires to have a healthy business and become a leader, acknowledging these balls and chains and finding the right help will be a good first step on the right path.

Focusing on personal development and working with a coach if necessary to help overcome some of these deeply rooted problems will release the mental hang-ups that will now pave the way for implementation and leadership development.

Sometimes we start out in business with the cart before the horse. In actuality, perhaps we need to pause what we’re doing, evaluate why we aren’t moving forward, seek out help if need be, get the horse out in front of the cart, then put the giddy up in our business.

I heartily applaud those entrepreneurs who have the guts and courage to face their fears and move toward their dreams. No, I give them a 10 minute standing ovation. It’s this determination to overcome that will allow them to join the ranks of the 2% of home based business owners who make it and create lives for themselves and their families beyond their wildest imaginations.

Debbie Turner is a Renegade Professional, a network marketing coach and business owner and is the author of “How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Rookie Mistakes New Home Based Business Owners Make. “A free copy of this book is available on her website at

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