MySpace – How to Create Quality Relationships on MySpace

myspacelogoSometimes when we start out on social media sites, we try to gather as many friends and connections as possible to have a large network.  While you do want to establish a network of prospective clients, you don’t want to fill up your page with friends that have no interest in what you have to offer.

It is important that you target the right audience and gather a quality group of followers whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. You also want to make real connections with your new found friends to establish long-term relationships and customer loyalty.

So, just how do you go about creating the kind of relationships that will fuel your business growth?

Well, number one rule obviously, is to avoid sending out mass friend requests.  Really take the time to find the right target audience.  Spend some time in the forums looking at and responding to posts.  Try to make some type of connection before you invite in new MySpace friends. This may seem time consuming, but isn’t better to have 100 friends where 50 percent are customers rather than 1,000 followers and only 1 percent are customers?  Quality is almost always preferable over quantity.

If you are trying to sell products and services, your online presence may not be enough to close the deal.  Most people will want to see you live and in action.  You can set up an event through MySpace to meet in the real world.  Getting to physically interact with your online connections will help to cement your relationships and will lead to a better level of customer service. When online friends get to meet with you, they will be more apt to recommend your business to other like-minded friends.

When offline meet-ups are not possible, you will need to find other ways to add a level of trust into your MySpace relationships.  With all the scams out there, MySpace users tend to be a little leery of online sales pitches and they can tune you out very quickly.  This is where your page set-up is so important.  Don’t just tout your products.  Give out some personal information.  It is crucial that you have your picture somewhere on the page details.  You may even want to have a family photo or video of your kids, if you feel comfortable with the exposure. Allowing potential customers to see you as a real person goes a long way towards building trust and credibility.

I recommend using the whole “my story marketing” concept that I’ve used throughout all my blogs and websites.

Are you still using MySpace for marketing today?  Many people are not and even I myself haven’t been over there for quite sometime as Facebook and Twitter have been keeping me busy… I’m just curious however, how many people are still actively using MySpace and having results.

Please leave a comment and share.. I appreciate your valued thoughts and opinions.

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