MySpace – Getting Started in MySpace for Your Business

myspacelogoIf you have decided to jump in and set up a MySpace page to promote your business, you have made a good choice.  While not as popular as Facebook, the site still attracts millions of users every day and that is a huge opportunity to advertise your services and products.  Your new business venture begins here in the set-up of your personal page.  You can make your page reflect the unique nature of your business and add in some of your own personality.  If you already have a web page, you will probably want to have some of the same elements on your MySpace page, such as color schemes and graphics.

One of the most unique features of MySpace that sets it apart from other social media sites is the ability to incorporate music and videos on your page.  It is essential that you take advantage of those features.  Add a fun video of yourself. Make a how-to video of you using the products you are marketing.  If your business is motivational speaking, this is the perfect way to market your services.  Show a video clip of one of your performances.  You could even ask others to send in videos of them using your products and giving personal endorsements.  The point is, you really need to have some type of entertaining video clip as part of your page, and if you can add some music to the mix, even better.

Once you have your page set up, it is time to go out and find some friends.  MySpace groups are great for getting new traffic to your page.  Join several groups where the focus is related to your business.  Don’t just be a ghost; you need to add to the conversation.  Let members know about your services and products, but don’t make every post all about you.  Be sure to comment on others posts in a helpful manner to build up your reputation.

Some other features you will want to take advantage of on MySpace are the Events and the Classifieds.  Use the Events page to set up a free giveaway of a product and drive traffic to your page.  You can also advertise your products in the Classifieds and attract new customers.  This is the place to do your full press sales pitch without annoying other members. If you are looking to a hire media savvy employee to help with your MySpace page, the classifieds here may give you the perfect pool of applicants.

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