My First Tribe Syndication Experience

nagaland-tribes-300x186My friends were gracious enough to allow me to participate in a Tribe Syndication Power Hour (which actually turned into 2.5 hours).  I got fully involved with the syndication with them and took away great insight as to what this looks and feels like.

From the one 2.5 hour session, I added a few new friends to my Facebook and received a couple emails for a more intimate connection.   I can see how this would benefit my business partners and am excited to introduce them to this way of marketing.

So, here’s what went down.  There were 4 tribe members and myself.  Two were absent this day.  We connected on Skype and started on each others’ blog.  We commented on recent posts, tweeted the content to our respective lists and bookmarked it.  During this process, it was discovered that a video which had been posted on one of the tribe member’s blogs was not displaying.  Turns out an update to a plug-in took it out.  It needs to get fixed.  Right away I saw the value of having tribe members watch your back, look after each other.

Next we all headed over to each other’s Facebook pages.  We added content from each other’s blogs to our Facebook pages.   This is validation of each other to our lists.

Following that, we visited each others’ video channel and left comments, rated and favorited videos.

During all of this time, there was chit chat about something someone learned during the week, a business idea shared, friendships enriched and you can feel the strength of this tribe in terms of what’s possible for their businesses.

I’m convinced this is a strategy totally worth pursuing for any groups of business partners with like minds wanting to build their lists and develop relationships with that list.  The value of the content being syndicated is great and it allows the individual to get 5 times the exposure by leveraging the other tribe members.  It’s a win-win for all.

Please share your feelings and experiences about tribal syndication…. I so appreciate your feedback, comments, ideas and value you bring to my community here.


  1. says

    Excellent intro to syndication ~ I sort of knew what it meant but it’s great to have it laid out in such simple terms.
    Definitely appears to be the new tool for bloggers and all social media marketers, and I’m excited to be part of it.
    Bliss and blessings,
    The Goddess known as Jacqui

  2. says

    I am enjoying this powerful experience as well! It is true, helping each other along the way & taking the lone ranger aspect out of blogging is incredible. I have learned that during the syndication power hour, we are continuing to practice the art of building relationships with each other.

    And the big plus, it’s fun! I look forward to it going over an hour!

    So glad to have you Tribe-mate!
    .-= Robin Lynn Brooks´s last blog ..Expressing Yourself =-.

  3. Debbie Turner says


    Thanks for your comment! I’ve never had so much fun building my business.. This is an awesome experience all entrepreneurs should be able to experience. It’s so much more fun doing business with others rather than by yourself. I appreciate the value and fun personality you offer..

  4. says

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I personally love the power of this practice and have made it an integral part of my online strategy.

    The synergy is truly unbelievable and not only does it increase your expose 5X like you said, but it adds to your credibility as well.

    Tribe syndication is network marking at its finest and I really believe this is only the beginning of this trend. We will soon see people from other industries capitalizing on the extreme leverage of tribes.

    .-= Fredric´s last blog ..Personal Branding & Blogging Blueprint Part 2 =-.

  5. says

    Thanks Debbie this account is so true of what happens on your first tribe syndication. I am now into my 4th week, its been an amazing time of growth and development. Also its been great to connect with people all over the world who are on the same page as you are. !!!

  6. Debbie Turner says

    Yes and it’s way more fun to work along side others than to sit by yourself in a cubby of your home office. :)


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