MLM Tips To Stay In The Game and Win

MLM Tips

MLM Tips To Stay In The Game and Win

It’s no doubt there’s a bazillion MLM Tips on how to succeed in your network marketing or MLM business in every kind of media published.

You read a lot about how to prospect, how to set up your marketing, how to do 3-way calls and the importance of getting to the next MLM live event.

And you work on those skillsets.

But there’s a bigger challenge out there than just knowing how to succeed in your MLM business in terms of things you should be doing toward that goal…

..and that’s staying in the game until you win. 

Can I get an AMEN?

I want to give a standing ovation to all home business entrepreneurs out there and especially the ones in the network marketing and MLM business models.  FYI:  MLM, network marketing, direct sales, it’s all the same process.

I’ve seen people get beat up from every angle….

  • negativity at home
  • mocking from friends
  • rejection from strangers
  • ads that don’t convert
  • technology that breaks down, etc.

It reminds me of the picture above of the boxing match.


I’d like to be someone in your day today that reminds you of your greatness, your awesomeness, your value and worth.  I celebrate your dreams and passions and You deserve your dreams.  Never give up… NEVER!

I thought I’d give you some MLM Tips to help you if you’re finding yourself in a situation of desperation.   I’m guessing that’s a great word to describe any possible thoughts of quitting.

Have you ever felt desperate?  If you’re thinking about quitting, you’re at that point.

Don’t compare yourself to others first off.  There isn’t one network marketing guru that’s considered successful by any standard who just opened their business and “poof!” They were successful.

No.  What you usually see is a 2 year, 4 year, 6 year overnight success.   They made money along the way and then as they grew as a person and a leader, it seemed they appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone knows it’s WAY easier to give into desperation and quit than it is to press forward to the finish line.

So if you’re in the middle of your journey and it seems like you’re lost in the desert, it’s temporary.  You’ll get there if you keep on keeping on.

And, if you think about it,  the network marketing or MLM industry is not in a class all it’s own when it comes to feelings of quitting.

Who likes temporary challenges of change and growing pains?  Nobody.  But there are those will willingly go through it for the reward of accomplishment or a better life.

What’s ironic and laughable if you think about it is this.  It’s all totally optional.  Nobody HAS to endure the growing pains.  It’s a chosen path for a period of time to have an extraordinary life, one that most people will never have, or to accomplish a great goal.

Think about times in your life when you wanted something so badly and it required growing pains and mistakes along the way.  Was it worth it?  Probably.

You know, I’ve often thought of throwing in the towel myself on more than one occasion.  But I find myself in front of the bathroom looking into cry baby eyes and asking myself,

“Debbie, do you want to go get a job?  Or do you want to pull your big girl panties up, get some air and get back to working on your dreams?”

I always chose the dreams.

Building a home based business is voluntary learning, implementing and working.  There’s no question about that but it can be fun at the same time.  Hard work doesn’t have to mean unhappiness.  Lots of things are hard work.  But they are fun too.

Working hard at a job to make your boss rich is one thing.  I can understand how that may not bring joy to your life.

But working hard for yourself, that’s altogether different and should be enjoyable and fun filled with hope and expectation for your future.


If you were sick with the flu and the doctor gave you medicine and instructions for recovery, he/she would rattle off the lists of ‘to do and not to dos’.

So is the same with your business.

If you do proper preventative medicine for your business, your recovery out of slumps (and yes there will be some) will be swift.

If you’re already in a slump and you haven’t been doing these things, your recovery may be a bit longer but if you’ll commit the MLM tips below, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

If you don’t, I would encourage you to reach out for professional lifestyle coaching or counseling if in fact, you truly want to pursue success through your network marketing or MLM business.  Remember, nobody is forcing you this route.  It was your decision and choice and fighting for your dreams is no laughing matter.

So if you want it bad enough, yet you find yourself with constant hangups and slumps, seek outside help so you can turn yourself around.

MLM Tip – Stay Physically Healthy

  • Get a good night’s rest
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day (inadequate water adds to stress levels)
  • Eat healthy foods.  (You are what you eat)
  • Take time to exercise 30 mins a day to clear your mind.  (Get your heart rate up)

MLM Tip – Stay Mentally Healthy

  • Read daily –  personal development and empowerment
  • Listen daily – audios on personal development and empowerment
  • Daily affirmations (say what you DO want)
  • Daily visualizations (See yourself already having what you want)

MLM Tip – Stay Connected

  • Get to your MLM Events
  • Get involved in social media communities like Facebook Groups
  • Find an accountability partner or running buddy
  • Educate yourself – always be learning
  • Subscribe to network marketing and mlm newsletters

MLM Tip – Stay Grounded

  • View every challenge as a lesson
  • Every obstacle can be overcome
  • When problems arise, go into problem solving immediately
  • Don’t get attached to the outcome of every prospect.
  • Failure is not failure.  It’s feedback

MLM Tip – Get Coaching

  • Stuck is stuck
  • Pay for coaching with a half hour session or an hour.  Whatever it takes.
  • Never stay stuck.  Reach out to communities, groups, individuals who may offer help.
  • Google is my best friends.  You can find answers to almost anything there.

With these MLM Tips taken to heart and practiced on a regular basis, you’re half way to the finish line and even after you arrive, you’ll find you need to continue.  Study any successful entrepreneur.  They develop lifelong habits of all the above.

My final thoughts for this blog post would be this….

Find someone in your life to be your biggest cheerleader, who will support you and your dreams and be a confidant when you need to vent constructively.  This person should always encourage you to keep pressing on toward your dreams and never judge.  He/she can laugh with you… but not at you.

All the best, All the time my friend…

Much love!

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  1. Stevie Knight says

    Thanks! Awesome encouragement. I appreciate it when you share from your experience, expertise and heart. Just what I needed tonight…

  2. Debbie Turner says

    You’re welcome Stevie. Thank you for coming by and being an encouragement back to me by leaving your comment and letting me know it makes a difference.


  3. Doug Macallister says

    You continue to amaze me with your common sense approach to your businesses. With all the 'outside' distractions my 'inside' willpower has kept me hanging on through thick and thin.
    I continue to feel fortunate to have you as a mentor.
    I absorb everything you post…

  4. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Doug…

    I’ve seen your inside willpower. I see you hanging on. But I also see you as a mover and shaker that can change people’s lives. You are awesome Doug.

    I have something special for you to listen to. It’s an Empower Network call but that’s not the part I want you to hear. I want you to listen to the message. It’s so powerful and will help you flip that switch inside of you that says, “I can be rich”. It’s just a decision and it’s awesome when you give yourself permission to do that.

    I’m writing a post and will be downloading this audio to incorporate with it, but in the meantime, you can listen here. 712-432-0990 pin: 260326# It’s a recorded call from Monday and will be replaced next Monday with a new message.

    Let me know what you think after you listen to it. It’s life changing. It’s mind changing. It’s all about how you can be rich through ONE decision. Pretty cool and I know you’ll love it. Have Karen listen too.

    All the best always…


  5. says

    Thank You Debbie for another inspiring E-mail. I would of left the network marketing business a long time ago if it was not for mentors like you. I know you will keep helping people like me, it's in your nature!  Thanks again, Gary

  6. Debbie Turner says

    Heck yeah Gary.. :) Thanks so much for your comment. Hey… I would recommend you listen to the call that I just posted under Doug. You will LOVE it. And ring me when you’re ready to kick things up a notch for sure! Debbie

  7. says

    Great post, Debbie! I think that one of the other key things to remember to avoid discouragement is not to let it get you down if your company's "system" doesn't work for you. The evidence shows that it doesn't work for a lot of people. It's not the exact way you get there, it's finding a way to get there that is the important part.

  8. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Steve..

    Thanks and hey… love your great input for sure. You’re right about sometimes company’s systems don’t work because it’s all the ‘sameness’… same cookie cutter website and not being unique as well as not all marketing that a company recommends fits all people.

    Stepping into those entrepreneur shoes and saying, “Ok, this is an obstacle, how many ways can I work around this?” is the ‘staying grounded while in problem solving mode”. I love what you said about “it’s finding a way to get there that is the important part.”

    I sure appreciate you taking the time to leave your footprint and thoughts here.


  9. says

    Most people struggle to make a full time income online. They get confused, distracted, don't make any real money and a little voice starts to creep in their head remembering what their family and friends have mentioned before that this stuff does not work, and they are right, because it will never work for those who believe it won't, and it will work for those that believe it will and don't give up.
    Like Debbie says there are ups and downs in this business, but remember there were or are ups and downs in your life right now. The BIG difference is in this business your ups and downs become a part of YOUR DREAM and lifestyle and not that of your Boss/Business Owner.
    The beauty of this type of business is it's about building people up, and not tearing them down. I believe this type of business in not so much about the money you can make, but more about the type of person you become.
    And when it comes Debbie Turner, you can't find a better caring person with a heart of gold, that truly has YOUR interest at heart. Like Debbie mentioned find that Cheerleader, work on you becoming a better person and never, never quit! To your success my friend.
    Thank you Debbie for not only this post, but for all your posts, and the person you are.

  10. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Pat…

    You are a great example of going after what you want and never giving up. You inspire me!
    Thanks for your kind words. :)


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